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Britni Brown
Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 10, Britni Brown is no stranger to the
health care system. In fact, the care she received throughout her childhood is
what encouraged her to become a nurse.
In 2018, Brown had trouble finding an endocrinologist who accepted new
patients with her insurance. A divorce in early 2019 worsened the situation
when she lost her health insurance. It also took a toll on her health.
“It was scary, as my diabetes requires on-going care,” said Brown. “I didn’t
know what I was going to do to stay healthy without insurance, but I
discovered HopeHealth at just the right time.”
Brown accessed the health services she required—including primary care,
dental, endocrinology, and rheumatology—using HopeHealth’s sliding fee
scale, a program available regardless of insurance status to all who qualify.
“A patient benefits counselor helped me with every step needed to apply
and made it easy. HopeHealth makes getting care not only accessible, but
affordable as well,” said Brown.

“HopeHealth makes receiving care not only
accessible, but affordable as well.”
Through HopeHealth’s integrated care model, Brown has been able to manage
her diabetes and preventive health needs. HopeHealth providers collaborate
to provide comprehensive, synchronized care for patients. This also means
that a patient’s medical records are all in one place, which led to further
help for Brown. At a routine dental appointment when her dentist, Dr. Lydia
Wright, discovered a pattern in her dental and complex medical histories that
prompted her to refer Brown to HopeHealth rheumatologist, Dr. Supen Patel.
“Trying to make a firm diagnosis with incomplete information is challenging,
even for a seasoned practitioner,” said Dr. Wright. “With our integrated
electronic health records from all HopeHealth providers, we can eliminate
part of the hunt for pieces to each person’s medical puzzle. In Britni’s case, we
could combine dental signs and symptoms with her complex medical history
to ensure she saw a specialist who could make an accurate diagnosis.”

A single mom of two girls, 7-year-old Madison and 6-year-old Sophia, Brown
said caring for people is her passion.

“I was diagnosed shortly after meeting with Dr. Patel with frozen shoulder. Just
having a new illness is scary and can be overwhelming. But all of my providers
at HopeHealth have worked together to help me feel better. They really
communicate with each other about me and my health, and I feel as if they
know me as more than just a patient,” said Brown.

“I take care of myself for my family and for my patients so that I can be the
best caretaker I can be.”

“Get into care, even if you don’t have diabetes or other conditions like I do.
Staying on top of your health is essential to catching things early,” she said.