Bobby pic

There are some advantages to being a man. Hairdos for one thing! A man can have the same hairstyle for years; decades. You can keep combing your hair the same way forever. About 25 years ago I had a barber to tell me I needed to comb my hair a different way. I tried it a week. I guess I’ve been combing my hair the same way for about 50 years. It has been longer and shorter. It’s gotten a lot grayer and thinner. I still comb it the same way. There is no use trying anything different. I’m going to do the same thing until all my hair falls out.

Now I have friends that are telling me all sorts of new things to try. I feel like one of my friends that is mad that people are always giving him advice. He said when he wanted advice no one would suggest anything to help his business. Now all his friends want to give advice and spend his money all the time. I feel I’m getting advice like that too.

I just got a message that I had been doing something wrong all my life. I got an instructional video about tying my shoes. “Are you kidding me?” You want me to start tying my shoes differently? I’ve been doing this the same way for over 60 years.  I don’t know if I really know how I tie my shoes. If I’m dong it wrong why didn’t my parents teach me the correct way? I don’t have any special boots or fancy basketball shoes that might need some special knots. Now I mostly look for loafers to wear. One of my walking friends buys shoes and ties a tight knot but leaves the laces loose. She can just slide her feet in and go. I’m even considering getting shoes with Velcro fasteners so I don’t have to tie anything.

I didn’t even watch that video. Neckties still have to be tied. I only use two knots for that. When I wore ties everyday, I would only use one of four knots that I knew. Now I’m down to two knots. One of my friends had a distinctive knot that he learned to tie when he was at the Citadel. He said what was special about the knot was that you could tie it when you were drunk. The only problem was when you took the tie off a knot would be left in the tie. That could be a problem later. Some other guys I know are trying to wear bow ties and are having a hard time getting them tied.

Only one thing remains, get a video that teaches you how to tie your shoes and a tie. It certainly seems I’ve been getting these things wrong for many years. What I really want is slip on shoes and clip on ties. That would solve lots of problems and then I could skip the 30 minute lecture on why I been doing wrong for these last 60 years.