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Dear Editor,

In response to Mr. Cyrus Brockington who feels details were omitted to deny facts in my Letter to Editor “Quid Pro Quo” on Dec. 18, 2019.  Obviously, you feel Democrats have a case.  This is nothing but politics and the Democrats are masters of nothingness.  But you did bring up some points that must be addressed since Democrats are so pious and well-meaning.

Let us address the whistle blower.  We know from numerous sources, the person is a former Biden aide, a die-hard Democrat and as such, incapable of unbiased statements.  Suddenly, the Democrats have a whistle blower and they go to great lengths to publicize the issue.  However, when a whistler blower came forward to point out the “Fast and Furious” scandal when President Obama was selling firearms to Drug Cartels, it was handled quite differently. In fact, the whistle blower was ignored by the media and in the end fired by Eric Holder.  So, it is “fair” for Democrats to fire a whistler blower who is so brazen to point out a scandal against the Obama Administration but is unholy for Republicans even to speak about a whistle blower. Double standard my friend. Works for you but not the general public.

Mr. Brockington was quite concerned about the events of the phone call to the Ukraine President.  Look at the source of the witnesses, all die hard Democrats appointed to their positions by, again, the Obama Administration. Does the president have the right to insure American tax payer funding is being used for the intended purposes when given to a foreign government?  Yes, Yes, Yes!  

Let me make one more point for Mr. Brockington. If Joe Biden is involved in any way getting his son appointed to the board of a foreign company without the credentials required to perform even the smallest task demanded, then he is guilty of Quid Pro Quo.  Have you heard a single Democrat stating this should be investigated?  Democrats only want to investigate Republicans, not those who carry their water.

Now let me point out a few other items for you. Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard Law School professor at the age of twenty-eight, a lifelong Democrat, has stated publicly “the Constitution dictates acquittal of President Trump.” So, all this hand wringing and gnashing of teeth, is nothing but Democrats seeking the camera lights and a microphone for themselves.  

President Trump gave the Ukrainians Javelin missiles to destroy Russian tanks.  What did Mr. Obama give them? Blankets and Meals Ready to Eat (MREs).  Who has the greatest concern for the Ukrainian people? Who let the Russians have their way in that region of the world?

Then we have Jonathan Turley, a law professor at Georgetown University, another lifelong Democrat who has stated publicly, impeachment of President Trump is “without merit and a bridge too far for Democrats.”

The false narrative and allegations being thrown around by Democrats is not only unethical but wrong. This is nothing but a demonstration of bull-headed hate on the Democrats behalf. The question is why? Mr. Trump has proven beyond a doubt the policies of the Democratic Party and their acolytes are nothing but headline fodder of nothingness. Our economy, thanks to Mr. Trump, is on a rampage and Democrats can never again tell the American people falsehoods about the economy. Unemployment is at an all-time low, take home pay for middle class Americans is growing steadily, 11% fewer Americans are on welfare and we have 7 million available jobs. What did President Obama give us?

Additionally, ISIS has been decimated and scattered. When Mr. Trump draws a red-line our enemies know he means it. Remember Mr.Obama stating “I will need to revisit my calculus if Syria continues the use of deadly gas on their own people.” What did Mr. Obama do? Nothing! Obviously, he failed calculus.

The Iranians know what an American leader will do if you violate a red-line.  Unlike Mr. Obama who sent them 150 billion dollars in the middle of the night on pallets. Unmarked money. Have you asked yourself why he sent unmarked bills to the Iranians? So, the money could not be traced. When asked by a reporter ifthe money could be used to fund terrorism, Mr. Obama simply stated “yes.”  That was such a reassuring statement for members of our military.  

Just look at the Democratic presidential field. What have they promised us if are elected? A Green New Deal, Climate change garbage, higher gas prices, higher taxes, more illegal aliens allowed to enter our country so we can pay for their healthcare, housing, education and livelihood, free college for freeloaders and continued failure of our public-school system. These are the same failures we have witnessed from every other social justice socialist system. They failed because conventional wisdom tells us you cannot tax your way to prosperity but common sense is seriously lacking in the Democratic Party.

The impeachment of President Donald John Trump is occurring because he has ripped the facade off left-wing policies and exposed their mandates as an attempt to enslave the citizens of our nation to big government and the enrichment of the political class. The swamp is deep and full of vicious characters whose allegiance is to themselves first and their party second.  Promises of a better tomorrow is their cry but their methods are suspect.  Hope and Change suddenly seem more aligned with an ideology of dependency on government.  

Look at the two charges facing our president, Abuse of Power and Obstruction of Congress. First, abuse of power should be decided by the Judicial Branch of our government, not political partisans of one party. If you recall, President Obama was taken to court seven times when Republicans felt he was abusing the power of his office and seven times the president had his Executive Power mandates overturned.  The Democrats should have done the same if they felt he truly abused his power.

Obstruction of Congress is laughable. The do nothing but investigate Democrats are guilty of obstruction. What have they accomplished in three plus years of stalling and investigations? The fools are running amuck, spouting fallacious narratives, duping the public and still searching for a miracle to remove our president.  Good luck.

Our great nation has endured because our Foundering Fathers knew the American people would use their brains and hands to ensure our continuance.  They warned us repeatedly about the political class and their promises of something for nothing, a promise only the weak and lazy find accommodating.  Dependency on government is akin to a form of slavery.  Who really wants to depend on the kindness and generosity of the political elite?  

One of our national heroes once said, “Give me liberty or give me death.”  It still applies today.