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The official name is Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour. Sir Elton John is doing his final tour. You’ve heard that before. This is the last time that we go on tour, etc., etc., etc,. A world tour is something else entirely. He is going to tour the world so that all his fans will get to hear him perform live one last time. My wife and I went to see his show one last time. We met up with six other friends to see this final tour stop in Columbia. Make no mistake, if I were doing a world tour, Columbia would be included in my plans. The coliseum looks like it did when I was there last. It looks like a big basketball arena with a stage on one end. The last time I was there was in the 70’s.

The first thing I noticed was the age of the people. “Old people up in there!!” How did all theses geezers get out? There were all sorts of people that were out and about that should be getting ready for bed. That includes me. Then I realized if Elton John were playing for his fans, he had to include all the old people too. There was a guy that lived down the hall from me during college. He was an Elton John fan par excellence. He played Elton John records all the time. He played them loud also. That was how music was played then. This concert was no difference. The music was loud, loud, and loud.

The concert starts right on time. Everyone stands up. The view is not much. He is still a little guy sitting at a piano. The band starts up. I remember that I started listening to this music in the late 60’s. I don’t remember the lyrics to the songs. Then it is clear to me that I never knew the lyrics to the songs. I only knew a few words and it was loud. Then I also realize that we are singing songs that he wrote almost 50 years ago.

That brings up the interesting thing about the band. Being a musician still lets you grow your hair long. Two of the ban members had long blond hair. Two were balding. The long hair lets you think you are still a young rock musician. The band members had been playing together for almost 50 years too.

When you play together for 50 years, one thing is certain. You can play the heck out of a song. They would play a song for about three minutes just like you heard on the radio 40 years ago. Then they continued playing the song for another 10 minutes and end with lyrics of the verse you know. I also figured out that I never did figure out what these songs were supposed to mean. He talked about one song that he wrote and it was so long he left out the last verse. That last verse explained the song. He had a video playing that would explain all that. It still didn’t make sense to me.  So much learning everything from a poem.

Incredibly, Sir Elton played for two-and-a-half hours. The music was wonderful. He even took the time to talk about 50 plus years in the music business, addiction and some of his charitable work. In all, that is a life well lived. That’s why the Queen knighted him.

After the show we were walking to the car. Different people were talking about the albums that he had sold and what was on them. I didn’t know that there was so much music out there that he had done. I heard one girl talking about the length of the concert.

We certainly got our money’s worth. She said that she was amazed at the length of the concert. She could only sing two karaoke songs and she was wiped out. That music business is harder than you think.