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Albuquerque is a big city. At least it is to me. The locals think of it as the high desert of New Mexico. That just lends to the saying that New Mexico is the land of enchantment. Crossing the high desert is a treat with one hundred mile views. We left and continued our journey across the desert. The Sun was coming up in the East and as the sun got higher the vista of the country became more apparent. The beauty lies in the bleak landscape that hides the beauty of 400 million years of erosion showing the strata of the different soils that made up this country.

The sun would reveal new colors and different layers of soil that provides a spectacular view in itself. This might have been some of the best part of our flight.

After viewing the stunning vistas we stopped in Kingman Arizona for fuel. Kingman has a rather unique part of history that runs through it. Route 66 cuts right through the town. The town has some of the longest sections of the original Route 66 that haven’t been taken over by the interstate. The interesting part of this is the tourists that come to Kingman to ride on Route 66. The television show “Route 66” is popular in Germany. People watch the show and come to Arizona to ride on Route 66. I doubted that but at a nearby restaurant several tables had people speaking German and apparently planning to go on a driving tour of Route 66. That’s what is amazing about traveling; you never know what you will get into. It is interesting that traveling Route 66 in a corvette was really a show about Motorsports.

We left the German tourists, Route 66 and the beauty of Arizona for a quick run by Las Vegas and then follow the shadows of the Sierra Nevada Mountains up to Reno. We flew over California and got a view of Mono Lake and Yosemite. We had to make a quick stop so that Jamie could count this trip as flying coast to coast. There are now real rules for this kind of thing. We just wanted to make sure we covered all the bases. Flying from South Carolina to California and bank counts as coast to coast for me. Just about every pilot wants to say he has done that.

Then it was only a quick trip from the mountains of California to the heart of the World’s Fastest Motorsports, Reno Nevada. It is where the speed limit is posted at 500 miles per hour and everybody is trying to go faster.

We checked into our hotel and it would only be a little while before we got out to Stead Field and the air races. We had traveled over 2200 miles and seen lots of countryside. The long journey was just part of the fun of seeing the Air Races. The good stuff would start in the morning in part III.