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Hey, have you heard this story? A woman is on her front porch listening to a crow cawing. There is another sound and she wonders what kind of bird is seemingly answering the cawing of the crow. After a while she realizes that the other sound is not another bird but her neighbor’s baby crying. The crow keeps cawing and the baby quits crying. Then it seems that every morning, the crow and the baby caw at each other. Is this how witches are made? Well that is an interesting story. I got it from reading some sayings.

I love those interesting, motivational, or neat little sayings that every one uses for all sorts of things. One of my favorite saying is “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” There are all sorts of quotes, sayings and little life stories that can be used in almost every situation. There are even funny ones. “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.” That saying is attributed to Abraham Lincoln.

Coaches, speakers, business people, jokesters, and actors all use sayings. This can all be fun until you get off on the wrong path. I like to use the Abraham Lincoln quote. I do have one friend that can’t quite figure out that it is a joke. He thinks I am trying to bait him into a political argument. 

Some of the Aristotle quotes seem to feed right into his life goals. He is a big fan of forming good habits. The witch story didn’t seem to faze him either. However, when some of his friends heard the witch’s story it was a different story. 

After I read the witches story, I looked for some other sayings that involved witches and such. Some were hilariously funny. “Don’t make me release the flying monkeys.” The Wizard of Oz reference was okay.

‘Sometimes you have to put on your pointed hat and show every one who is the boss.” 

Some sayings after that got into full moons and power of the universe and here it went. Just like any saying, somebody is going to disagree with you. I was just trying to read a good saying. 

You can’t let a good argument be wasted. A little research and there were more witch’s sayings and the fight was on. Demons would be released. The final Armageddon was coming because of a saying and more plagues were coming. 

I bet Ramses II laughs at our little pandemic. Moses sent all kinds of plagues on Egypt. The pandemic was even blamed on me reading the witch story.

This went on a while until we got unto some quotes that had to do with saving money. The witches didn’t have a chance after people started on getting rich because of a saying. 

I did find some more witch sayings but they seemed too controversial. I switched over to sayings about saving money. 

Well, it turns out to be too many sayings to keep up with. I still look for good sayings that are motivational, bring about good cheer, or will make you rich. I even like saying that are strange and bizarre too.

I try to keep a sense of humor about all these sayings also. Even the sayings that don’t turn out like you imagined are great too.

“Every corpse on Everest was once a highly motivated individual.”