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Why? It’s a question I ask all the time. Why do these projects I get into take so long to complete? I shouldn’t be complaining at all. Most things I do are simple. They are just not easy. I just started a new project. It is probably going to take at least two years to complete. That may not sound like a long time but time is going rather quickly for me.

Luckily, I have patience. I managed to learn patience on the last big secret project. It took 22 years to complete. Now I still have that completed plane. The project and everything has been going on now for 31 years. That took a lot of patience. I can still remember the day that it started.

I was buying an airplane project with a friend. I was going to wire my part of the money for the plane. I was in the bank with my brother. He was going to wire the money out. He asked me, “Are you sure you want to do this?” When I answered “Yes” he sent the wire and said, “It’s gone.”

My money had been sent and an adventure had started. In a week the project was shipped and the clock had started running. Twenty years in front of you is a long time.

Now I’ve gotten into another project. Actually, I’ve been working on it for about six years but I didn’t really know it. That’s another problem with some of these secret projects. You don’t even know you’re in it at first. It’s easy to get started on some small thing. That leads you to an escalating task and more things pile on and you realize that you’ve been pulled into a long-range project.

I’m in one of those projects now. It started off with some chance meetings and that led to those escalating tasks. Those tasks jumped on board a lot faster than I expected. They got into the middle of the secret project. Now those things are done. Nothing to do but continue. What amazes me is now I’ve got this timeline that has put things into a speeded up timeframe. It’s speeded up but it will still take at least two more years.

Some big progress has been made but there is still a lot to do. (You Know, 90% complete; 90% to go) Some of the last things to do have been completed but the hard part that should have been done first is standing between me and the finish line.

Now there is nothing to do but speed up and finish. Still, I’m faced with the question of how I get into these complicated, long-range projects?

Guess I’m just stuck with that kind of thinking. There is some hope. Even if the project is not finished, a major part is done and won’t slow it down. Other people did those parts and they are not holding the project back.

Now it’s just me and a short two years to finish this secret project and of course the question why?