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Have you seen the commercial about getting your taxes done? Some people are talking about an income tax preparation company. They will do your income tax on the phone or online. One of the people in the commercial remarks that he won’t even have to leave the house to get his taxes prepared. He seemed pleased that he could stay home.

Right after that commercial was an ad for using a system that allowed you to get stamps and mailing supplies. You didn’t have to go to the post office. This postage system would come to your house. You prepared the packages or letters and the postal service picked everything up. It was as if you had your own personal post office at home. Again, the best part was the fact that you didn’t have to leave your house.

A pizza ad followed. You could get the pizza, drinks, wings, bread sticks, and desserts. You didn’t have to leave the house for any of this either.

It seemed like all the ads favored customers that wanted to stay in their home. I wondered what was in their house that made them want to stay there and not leave. I understand part of it. I’d like to have a pizza delivered to my house right now.

It just puzzles me that a trip to the post office is such a daunting task. Would it be such a burden to leave the house?

More ads showed services that would buy groceries for you and deliver them. You don’t have to leave the house for groceries. That could be fun too unless you really love going to the grocery store. Building supply, hardware stores and other retailers allow you to order online and they deliver to your house.

It makes me think that you must have a really nice house if you never want to leave. What could be in there?

I did have a friend that told me of a man he knew that lived in a concrete blockhouse. The house had a front door and a back door. There were only a few windows. The blocks were unpainted and looked like the plainest building. He claimed that the inside was filled with fabulous furniture. The house was by a cotton field. There was no use to look out. Supposedly there was a $5,000 couch in the house. This was at a time when average salaries were about $7,000 a year.

My friend claimed this house was the most luxurious home imaginable. There was a disco room with a fabulous sound system and lights. The bedroom had the most expensive furniture and a giant television. Once you got into this house, there was no need to go out again or even look out the windows.

My friend said he was planning to build a house like that one day. He was considering saving up concrete blocks and putting aside money to only buy the best furniture.

Like so many things, the man with the concrete blockhouse died in the mid 70s. I never got to look at the house and see what kind of fabulous stuff was inside.  My friend moved away and as far as I know he never built a concrete blockhouse.

Maybe I should consider building a house like that. With all the services available, if I fixed up my house nice enough I wouldn’t have to leave or look outside.

That seemed like a plan but I have to take my dog out everyday. Wouldn’t you know it! There is a service that will send over someone to walk your dog for you.

If I get a tax refund I might start saving for building a concrete blockhouse.