2020 is far from over, yet it’s already one for the books. We’ve experienced global fires, murder hornets, cities under siege and now a very busy hurricane season. Americans are doing their best to get through this challenging time with at least some of their humor left in tacked. And they’ve done a pretty good job so far.

There’s been many a funny take about the pandemic and its effect on us. I’ve seen a t-shirt that rates 2020 with one of five stars and a caption that says “Very Bad, Would Not Recommend.”

A cartoon depicts a meteorite and a space ship hovering a few thousand miles from earth. The meteorite says “I’m sorry, were you next?” The spaceship cordially replies, “Oh no, after you.”  

Somebody wrote, “2020 is a unique Leap Year. It has 29 days in February, 300 days in March and 5 years in April.”

Another says “If 2020 was a drink it would be a colonoscopy prep.”

A pair of photos stacked on top of each other with the phrase “2020 travel plans.” The top photo is the famous Sydney Opera House with its curved plate-like structures jutting toward the air. The bottom photo shows a dish rack full of plates. They look remarkably the same.

There’s even a fashionable outfit for the 2020 timeline. In March, a doctor’s coat was appropriate. The following month it was a HAZMAT suit. I’m envisioning a straightjacket by December.

I wouldn’t doubt it if we see board games come out soon. There would be plenty of things to make a fun night of Trivia. Of course, we’d have to play it virtually.

If you’re my age you probably remember the original television series “The Twilight Zone.” Creator and host Rod Serling opens with an introduction to the episode, “You just crossed over into the twilight zone.” Not only is horror and science fiction a part of the appeal of the shows, many present a historical lesson for the viewer to consider. Wish we could bring Mr. Serling back. He’d have a whole slue of new material.

We’re about to see summer turn to fall. That means the year will soon come to a close. Some will be focusing on pumpkin spice and Christmas trees while others will be wondering if they will ever see normal again. For me, I can’t wait to see what January 2021 has in store. But one thing is for certain, it helps to smile; doesn’t it?

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