When I heard the nation’s second largest newspaper filed bankruptcy I was dismayed. It will most likely be run by a New York hedge fund. Since 2005, one of five newspapers have shut down. With so much online news right at our fingertips it’s not hard to see why.

But we don’t plan on going anywhere.

The News has been providing local news since 1972. The News takes pride in carrying on the tradition of a true “hometown” newspaper. We operate with a staff of six: a publisher, a reporter, a manager of circulation and classifieds, and three advertising and marketing personnel.

Our devoted readers provide some of the copy you read inside. Yes, we have an online presence but we don’t publish everything on our website. We are a subscription service so you can imagine if we put it all online The News would cease to exist.

It’s not an option to do away with newspapers - or their staff. Our citizens rely on our reporter’s coverage of Williamsburg County Council, town councils and the various other governing bodies. Without them any government misdeeds would easily run unchecked and good deeds would never be recognized.

Even more important, we follow and report on the growth or decline of the community, how the government is spending your money, and the efforts of citizens to make things better in their communities. If our community newspaper didn’t exist, we would have to rely on someone’s opinion, hearsay or fake news. We wouldn’t know about the local dance, library activities, fundraisers, municipal, school and religious events or advertisers’ offerings found between the pages of the newspaper. All of that would disappear both in print and online.

We also continue to provide one of the best and most affordable media in which to advertise.

Rest assured we don’t plan on leaving our readers high and dry.

We will fight tooth and nail before we allow our doors to close. We are dedicated to providing news that informs our readers while helping businesses with their advertising needs. We are devoted to informing the public in a fair and impartial manner and are willing to stand up for the public’s right to know. We are proud of the contributions our business has made to our community for the past 48 years and we look forward to the same dedicated and continued services in the many years to come.

Your feedback is always welcome. Readers are encouraged to email us at news@kingstreenews.com or write with your feedback, ideas, or questions.