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I got a present from some friends a while back. The present was for a favor I had done for some people. It was a surprise gift. I never thought much about the favor or what would happen. A guy told me of the by chance favor and what a big difference that chance encounter had done for him.

We got to talking about how these chance encounters seem to come about at odd times and how they lead to big things. I was talking to a friend about how this had happened a few years ago to me.

In 2010 I published “The Wild Cajun T-6.” This was a book that took 35 years to write. I gave some of the books away. In 2012 a guy got one of the books. He had been interested in getting an airplane and when he read the book, he was really excited about getting the plane. Finally, he got the plane in September of 2012. I first met him in October of 2012. We talked a little about the plane and was he going to race in it. It was just a casual conversation.

Now comes the odd thing. I remember this as the whole turning point of this story. In July of 2013, I get a message from him that says he had been to a formation flying school. I called him back and we again discussed racing airplanes and other stuff. He said that he had mentioned my name to some people involved with air racing. Sure enough I got a phone call later from California about coming to racing school. This eventually led to me signing up for attending racing school in 2013 as a crewmember for a racing team.

2014 brought maintenance troubles and then weather problems. A year would have to go by before we would get to go to racing school.

2015 had all the stars align and I got to attend racing school as a crewmember and attend the air races too. We had big plans after that also.

There’s that word plan. It is a 4-letter word. The years past and we haven’t made it back to the races yet.

The races are about to start again. I’m making plans to attend again as a spectator. That’s not nearly as much fun as attending as a participant.

I was talking with some of the people who attended back in 2015. We all had a story of how we got involved and they all had a story of the one instance of when the adventure started for them.

Where does this story go from here? Recently, many people have been telling me about chance meetings or single events that led to an exciting adventure. Now they look for these types of meeting or occurrences that seem to pop up.

Every one of them had a story of that chance encounter that was the actual start of their adventure. Now the trick was to keep an eye out for things that would become the starting point of some great time. It’s tricky to be able to tell if something is the start of a big adventure but what a joy when you recognize it as the start.