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Dear Editor,

The Trump rally at Charleston Coliseum was one of those lifetime events you can share with your grandchildren and great grandchildren. I attended with my 17-year-old grandson, Ed McClam. I can’t say who was more excited.  The Secret Service had taken over the arena on Wednesday. Secret Service duty was in charge of everything.  Setting up everything outside and inside.  They only allowed a few Coliseum employees to be stage hands.  The rest had to leave.  

We were fortunate to sit with the Coliseum manager, Ronnie Shier and his wife Holly.  They explained to us the entire procedure of making the place secure for the President.   It was wonderful learning the amount of work that goes into setting up a rally for the President.   When all arena seats were filled the building was put on lockdown until the President arrived.  He and his security detail were let in a designated entrance and then that entrance was relocked. No one could enter or exit while he was on the premises.

When Senator Lindsay Graham and Senator Scott entered, the crowd became electrified.  When the President entered it became even more so.   He was very engaging and approached sections and greeted people.  This was before he spoke.   Ed and I had excellent seats behind the President where he entered the arena.  Once he began to speak, the crowd seemed to become even more excited, I’m so glad I went with Ed and proud that a 17 year old would attend an event on a Friday night with his grandmother!  I applaud the Secret Service for their organizational skills.   They kept the line outside constantly moving until the arena was filled.   It took us three hours in the line but was worth it. The crowd was so engaging.  We shared food and drinks and met a lot of new friends.  What impressed me most was the passion the people share for our country.  This was the most exciting thing Ed and I have ever attended, and we thought a Clemson/ Carolina game was the most thrilling event in South Carolina.