Don’t throw stones in glass houses. Isn’t that the term you use when you are as at fault as the person you are accusing? I am guilty. My last column “Sexy or saggy after 60” ran in the October 23, issue. The following Monday morning I happen to read the first line and I was mortified. I would go on to count three mistakes in the first paragraph.

I can come up with plenty of excuses such as I get so excited when I write about funny stuff I forget to pay attention to my grammar or I simply have bad editing skills, but the truth is, there is no excuse.

I see mistakes all the time on social media and I have teased more than one person who is supposed to have big degrees but don’t know the difference between your and you’re. Now I can call out me, myself and I for similar blunders. In fact, I can’t wait to read this in the paper next week to see how many errors will jump out at me.

On a more delightful subject, Williamsburg County has been the place to be lately. No one can say there’s nothing to do because there’s been plenty to do. Since this summer, the Town of Kingstree, the HomeTown Chamber, the Sheriff’s Office and many others have hosted events that have drawn huge crowds.

For instance, the Town of Kingstree hosted several Main Street events at the Depot with activities and live music. The Chamber held social events that included local businesses’ involvement. The Sheriff’s Office is always present and involved in community events, such as hosting music festivals, being a part of Patriot’s Day, out in the community picking up trash, and sponsoring 5-Ks for such events as Domestic Violence Awareness.   

And if that weren’t enough, individuals have hosted a Breast Cancer Awareness Walk three out of the last four Saturdays in October. Each event, whether it was their first or fourth, drew dozens of supporters and all had a great time while honoring survivors and remembering those who lost the fight. I want to thank all of them for their service and for bringing our community together. Without the efforts of a few, we could easily be living in a ghost town.

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