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Got to see a video of the Reno Air Races the other day. It was just a short 3-minute clip of the Bronze T-6 Races. I was on the crew of the 2nd place winner. The race was in 2015. Now five years have passed. Seemingly, this happened in the blink of an eye. 

In the fullness of time is a remarkable thing. It never stops. This short little clip brings back all the memories of what it took to be on a short video clip. 

Just the start of this little adventure was a long time coming. 2012 led to a chance meeting. Two years pass and the adventure begins in earnest. Of course, the time keeps running and we are stuck trying to get things done. Two years passed and finally we would be starting out on the adventure. The two years between 2012 and 2014 were no more than a second. 

2014 started out to be the year. Right before the start of the 2014 start, engine troubles, and then weather troubles kept the project grounded so to speak. So close and yet so far. Amazingly, the two years sailed by and now a year seemed to take forever. It seems to take forever but the time doesn’t stop. Right before the 2015 journey, things bunched up and it was rushing around trying to get things done. We had a whole year to do this and now we were in a rush.

Watching the video was enlightening. Five years have passed since we were out there racing. One person has died. Several others that were in the video have moved, changed jobs or gone on to other things. Still, five years have passed.

This race is cancelled because of COVID. That’s going to make a two-year gap in the races. That doesn’t make it any easier. Something that happens only once a year makes it harder to keep up with. You have to think about it a little bit all the time. The races are a week of hard work. That week of hard work is preceded by a month or two of preparation. Some other things take up the whole year.

All these things that you plan on are eaten up by time just clicking right along. Want to get nervous? How many days until Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas? 

I talked with some of my friends just a few days ago. Now there is a year to prepare for the races in 2021. That is still a problem. There is so much to do and there is only a year to get it done. Don’t think a year is a long time. Five years slipped by without much effort.

One guy called me and was thinking of going to an airshow. He had been before but now he had some health problems. Time had slipped up on him and now travel was extremely hard on him. He had been to many shows but now it was getting harder and harder to get going.  He had to admit that time had caught up with him and he was going to stop that kind of travel.

Well, only a year to get ready for 2021. That clock is ticking and a decision will have to be made soon. Will we be able to get everything done? 

That’s true about a lot of things. What to do? Don’t worry though. Whether you get things done or not the time will pass.