I’ve written many articles and columns about the trash problem in our county. It seems no matter what we do there is an element that doesn’t care about its roads, streets, waterways, or swamps. Everyone talks about the problem we all get angry when we see it but what really can be done.

I’m talking about trash. It’s everywhere and sadly, its not going away. You can literally drive from a fast food restaurant and measure how long it takes an order to be consumed before the remains are tossed out a window.

Am I a glaring pessimist? No. I’m a realist. For example, there’s educational programs that provide ways to enlighten people to do the right things and wait to throw trash in a trash can rather than along the side of the road. There are plenty of citizens who, by example, show the positive side of a clean community. There are countless civic and community groups, Sorors, the Sheriff’s Office, Public Works, all of whom contribute their time to pick up what someone else discards. There are committees, one being created as I write this column, which will be charged with coming up with solutions to our debris-laden landscape.

County Supervisor Tiffany Wright is in the process of putting together a Litter Control Action Team or L-CAT team. She is in the process of organizing it and plans to meet with Senator Ronnie Sabb who in 2016, spearheaded Team-Up to Clean-Up and the HomeTown Chamber.  

I like to think my columns about littering make a difference but in reality the person too lazy to wait till they get to a trashcan is not reading anything I write. Even if they did they’d most likely roll their eyes and toss the article in the trash, or more likely, toss it out the car window.  In the meantime, if you see someone littering call Palmetto Pride at 1-877-7LITTER (754-8837) and report the location, time and the litterbug’s license number.

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