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The scariest time of the year is upon us. I don’t mean Halloween either. During the last month, I watched 10 episodes of the movie Halloween. The original, the sequels and the new one; after all that the scariest time is coming. I’m talking about shopping season. It’s here and you better be ready.

If a turkey knew what was coming, he would be worried. The turkey doesn’t have a clue. You better realize that your credit card, checking account and any cash you have is now in jeopardy. Thanksgiving will come and you’ll have a full belly. You’ll be lulled asleep with football games. Be careful, the shoppers are already planning their strategy.

Black Friday can be a killer. With a fully loaded debit card, there are stores filled with wonderful things that will suck up that money in no time. Some people I know have already planned their route to the mall. One of my friends picks up her momma at 4 a.m. and her sister at 4:30 a.m. and they are in line at the mall at 5 a.m. When the mall opens at 6 a.m. it will be game on.

It seems strange that all this has to be done in one day. Of course, there is the lure of getting something for 60% off. Sometimes it’s 90% off. Sometimes it’s 110% off whatever they decide to charge. There might be a two for one sale. You buy one they’ll sell you another one.

There is danger going to this kind of sale. The rejected card can be the worst thing ever. You’ve been up since 3 a.m. fought with a group of frenzied shoppers and now your card is declined.

Debit cards can be dangerous. You spend all your money and your automatic draft is declined and it really is Black Friday.

On cyber Monday, you get on the computer with that credit card and here you go again. Don’t worry honey; we get free shipping with orders of $350.

It used to be that people would take their children to a toy store and look at all the toys, that was scary too. The kids wanted to get the toy right then. Why else would you go into the store? Now the big toy stores are closed. Not to worry, the kids have a phone that they can use to browse stores online. That should be scary enough.

One guy told me that the credit card company called and said they were going to retire his wife’s credit card when she died. I can see it now. They pull a big credit card up into the rafters at headquarters.

The poor old UPS and FedEx guys are getting hernias from all the lifting and stacking those boxes on your porch. Those guys hate free shipping. One told me not to even mention the “C” word to him. That most wonderful time of the year depends on a lot of things.

If you are not scared enough, there is one more thing. It’s coming and I bet you haven’t thought about it. Tax notices will be here shortly. You’ll get a little stack of them in the mail. The money in your checking account and on your credit card will be used up. You’ll be scared to open them because you know that the tax bill has gone up some.

It really is the scariest time of the year. With all that to think about, remember that Christmas cards need to go out too. The only problem with that is the Post Office doesn’t have free shipping.