Bobby pic

Joe Biden’s bus was in Kingstree the other night. I don’t know if Joe was on the bus or not. I didn’t check the speaking schedule of the former Vice President. Don’t know if he was scheduled to be in Kingstree or was just passing through going to somewhere else. My thoughts were immediately drawn towards the bus missed the turn on Highway 52. The bus was headed east on Main St. In about five minutes the bus was headed west on Main St. I’m thinking that the bus was going to go up Highway 52 towards Florence but missed the turn. The bus had to go through town turn around and then get back on Highway 52. That’s total speculation but it could be true.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have spoken in Kingstree. Don’t know why Joe wouldn’t stop by. It could happen. It would be fun for Joe to be here. We might get to hear one of his famous malapropos. That’s enough of the bus story. The purpose of this article is bad grammar. Can you believe it? Have you seen some of the written ads and heard some of the speeches that are going around? That whirring sound is your old English teachers spinning in their graves.

I’m talking about the ad that referenced all the things we have to be concerned about. You’ve seen the lists: economy, healthcare, gun violence, protecting kids, education, energy, systemic racism, and the use of the oxford comma. With all those things we have to think different. Come on! It should be we have to think differently! It is an adverb to modify how we think. You want to be President of the United States of America and you can’t get someone to check out the grammar in your ads? What have you been spending all that money for?

If you think I am ranting a little too much don’t worry people tell me that all the time. I’m not running for President either. What is baffling is how does this happen. Here is someone that is going to right all the wrongs and address climate change to boot and can’t get a simple sentence correctly written. I have trouble with grammar every week but I’m not spending a million dollars on campaign ads either.

How are we going to spend those millions of dollars in the education budget and miss such a simple thing? It is a known fact the candidates can’t do math. A budget has all kinds of stupid stuff in it. No wonder we can’t get it balanced.

When this sort of stuff happens it just puts out a glaring message to voters that the candidate is not prepared. Who is in charge of these ads? If you can’t get a simple sentence written, how will you get the myriad details necessary to run the country?

Many years back, a candidate had a foundation. The foundation got a $5 million grant. The foundation wasn’t able to account for $4,000,000 in six months. The candidate wasn’t accused of anything. It was pointed out that he didn’t have anyone that could keep track of the money. How would they keep up with the budget of the United States?

Maybe I’m too hard on this little thing. Still, you have to wonder if they can’t write an ad slogan, how will they handle the other things? The devil is in the details.