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Sunday morning on Meet the Press, the left wing in our country laid out their bold Green NEW Deal for America.  Their plan calls for the removal of fossil fuels completely within twelve years.  The idea is for Americans to all purchase battery operated vehicles or pay a hefty tax.  Imagine that, Democrats proposing a new tax.

  When ask what the cost would be the presenter immediately changed the topic and moved on with additional “ideas.”  Well, I have a few ideas for these loons.  How do millions of people who fly commercial flights each day get from point A to point B?  How do we export and import goods from other nations when ships operate on fossil fuels?  Have you seen any battery operating tractors?  How do farmers plant and harvest their crops?  Pie in the Sky ideas are what Democrats do best!  Listen to proposals from the growing list of Democratic Presidential hopefuls and you hear nothing but Pie in the Sky.  Paying for all this will be released later.  Right!

  Early estimates just for the personal vehicles is $30 trillion, that is the estimate which always comes in roughly half of the true cost.  Here is the kicker.  Wait for it.  The government will of course be heavily invested meaning we will be heavily taxed.  

  This glorious plan calls for a high speed rail system.  Okay?  It seems this rail system will replace airplanes.  Yes, airplanes.  So we are to believe we can afford to build a rail system across oceans?  What are these people smoking?  Where were these people educated?  It is obvious to me the proponents of this wonderful deal live in a fantasy world and watch to many reruns of Star Trek.

  Another mandate under the Green NEW Deal is providing a living wage for those “unwilling to work.”  I thought at first this was a misquote.

So I found the entire proposal online and was astounded to see these loons actually stated we will pay for those who think work is a waste of their time.  Want to guess how many millions will sign up for a living wage and refuse to work?  We already have millions who refuse to work and think the government should provide for them so this is nothing new.

There are some strange groups under the Democratic Party umbrella but none as crazy as these socialist.  Even the most intellectually challenged must see this for what it is, a cry for attention, a need to justify their existence, an opportunity to claim their ten minutes of notoriety.

Milton M. Duke, Jr.

Greeleyville, SC