Just when we thought the curve would level and things would start to get better, the Governor ordered everyone to stay home. It’s not his fault. It’s the fault of all the people who ignored the rules that may have expedited the end of this deadly virus. Why would anyone think it was okay to congregate in groups or worse, cough and sneeze without protection? 

So here we are, well, many of us, sitting around wondering what to do with all the time we now have.  I remember saying to myself if I was quarantined, I’d start working on a list of things to do around the house. Every surface needs a good dusting, the fridge could use a wash down and those flowerbeds could see less sticker bushes. But my dreams were dashed when last week I was presented a badge that says I’m a critical needs staff. So I’m on the job, which is a good thing. What would we do if we didn’t have local news and features about the citizens that make a difference in our lives? Besides, I’d bet you money that I wouldn’t complete a single thing on that list. 

And that brings me to a funny post by a friend on social media. It goes like this: Just be careful because people are going crazy from being in lock down! Actually I’ve just been talking about this with the microwave and toaster while drinking tea and we all agreed that things are getting bad. I didn’t mention anything to the washing machine as she puts a different spin on everything. Certainly not to the fridge as he is acting cold and distant. In the end the iron straightened me out as she said everything will be fine, no situation is too pressing. The vacuum was very unsympathetic... told me to just suck it up, but the fan was more optimistic and hoped it would all soon blow over! The toilet looked a bit flushed when I asked its opinion and didn’t say anything but the door knob told me to get a grip. The front door said I was unhinged and so the curtains told me to ........yes, you guessed it .....pull myself together.

That’s hilarious but I could see myself falling into that dark mentality. In these trying times, let’s all think as positive as we can and follow the rules so we don’t wind up talking to the toaster or being fussed at by our front door. Take this time to be grateful for what we have and above all, stay safe!

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