I’ve learned a lot about swamps and speed limits this week. I wrote an article in The News’ September 16, issue about the sign coming into Kingstree at the Lamar Nathaniel Johnson Bridge. The SgtMaj pointed out the sign that designates the Black River as a swamp. Most of us know (in that particular spot) it is not a swamp.

Since the article was published, I’ve received at least half a dozen calls and messages from people offering their opinion. Some are upset that it would be there at all and some chuckle over the reasoning behind it. Many believe the sign may have simply been put there by mistake or it may have been relocated from its original place further north of the bridge after the 1,000-year flood.

Whatever the reason behind the odd placement of the sign, we may never know. But it has been fun listening to the views just the same. The story also brought attention to another sign. It’s about 100 yards before the swamp sign, just before a “gas station-turned restaurant.” It designates the City Limits. But is that right? I know the restaurant owner doesn’t pay city taxes so that tells me it’s located a little too far from the actual line, to which, I’ve been told is in the middle of the bridge. I’ll leave that mystery to the local authorities to figure out because I’m ready to talk about orange, red and yellow. That means fall is on my mind.

A lot of people are hating the change of temperature but not me. I practically expire when I have to be outside in 90-degree sauna-type weather. A couple weeks ago when the first few leaves started hitting the ground, I was like a child waiting for Santa. The brown and orange dishes came out and sweaters were taken out of storage. I know, I know, we won’t have a real fall for some time but that doesn’t mean I can’t look at this stuff.

Also, as the temperatures begin to (slightly) fall, I find myself reminiscing on the past.  

What I will miss are the local events that had to be canceled due to COVID-19. The kids will be happy to know the Sheriff’s Office is planning a drive-by Halloween Trunk or Treat event but so many annual events aren’t going to happen.

The annual King’s Tree Trials won’t see a hoof near the track or a fancy table brimming with goodies. Remember how the Town of Kingstree went all out last year by treating the citizens to so many events? The wildly popular spring events such as the Eggstravaganza and Downtown Dine Around were cancelled. But my absolute favorite, and the first of its kind, was the King’s Table, a farm-to-table dinner event hosted by the Town of Kingstree and Main Street, Kingstree. I was looking forward to an evening of fine food and fellowship.

The heartbreak of missing such wonderful events can be softened by knowing next year will be filled with fun. Until then, I’ll bake my pumpkin pies and sip some cider because the powers that be have an entire year to come up with more fun and games.

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