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Say it isn’t so, No resolutions for the New Year? Wow, January 2 was a different kind of day. I met up with some of the regular brain trust. We got started on our regular conversations and wild ideas. It didn’t take but a few minutes before someone said that he had a secret project ready for the New Year. Like all secret projects he wasn’t gong to talk about it until he got a little further along with the project. That’s the good thing about a secret project; you can quit almost anytime and not have to worry.

Then the shocking news came out. Between all of us in the group, there was only one secret project and no resolutions. It was incredible. Not one person had any plans for self-improvement, weight loss or any type of exercise. A couple of guys had gotten books for Christmas and they planned to read them. No one had even the slightest intention of putting together any thing resembling a resolution.

Many resolutions fail because too many steps are involved. Well this year my friends had cut down to zero steps. They weren’t even bothering to get tied up with a lot of plans that can lead to the failure of a New Year’s resolution.

I must admit that I didn’t really have any resolutions or secret projects to work on. I was shocked that the closest thing that was planned was a haircut. One guy had not had a haircut since last February. He was scared of the virus and hadn’t gone to a barbershop in eleven months. He had recently been to a doctor and a dentist. Don’t know why he would be scared of going to his barber. He only has a month to go and then he gets a shave and a haircut.

Don’t worry, I’ll think of some sort of secret project soon. I’m always looking for something to work on even if there is no chance of me completing it.

Three of us were planning a trip and now one of us will have to cancel. We’ve had to cancel other things before. In the midst of trying to reschedule our trip we were glad that there wouldn’t be to many thing to cancel or reschedule. That’s the advantage of not having any resolutions this year.

I hope you are having some success with the things that you want to do. Just remember that after putting together all your plans you might not get everything done. It is important to remember “plan” is a four letter word.

Happy New Year.