As I have stated before, there are very few things that warrant me taking the time to write about because I try to leave the writing to the experts and my opinions to myself.

But this issue has just been festering like ‘a boil on the butt of humanity’ as Ouiser Boudreaux would ever so mildly put it. And for some reason I just couldn’t let this pass me by without saying how incredibly sad it makes me.

The US women’s soccer team won its fourth World Cup! Wow! How exciting it must be for those teammates to proudly represent the United States of America, to show their respect to the American Flag, a patriotic emblem for the country which so generously allowed them the opportunities in the first place, to stand united, showing the world why they are wearing a big “USA” on their uniforms........ NOT!

I have absolutely nothing against anyone who chooses to voice their opinions, be it  political or otherwise. I may not agree with it, I may not even like it, but it’s OK. It doesn’t make me a hater or a condescending better than thou person. It doesn’t make me an angry anti-anything. It makes me thankful and blessed to live in a country that allows me to do so.

Nothing can change the fact that everyone has the right to their own opinions.  It’s what makes this country so great. But having that right doesn’t make it right to disrespect the very country that gives you the freedom to have those rights......right?

While wearing the uniform of the United States women’s national team, Megan Rapinoe chose not to participate in the national anthem, the same player who chose to kneel for the national anthem prior to a soccer game in 2016.

In 2017, the United States Soccer Federation passed a policy declaring that players must “stand respectfully” during the national anthem before national team games.

So this year Rapinoe stood....silently....showing her protest as our country’s anthem was sung proudly by thousands and thousands who ironically, chose to show their respect not only to our anthem but also to these talented women who have obviously mastered the sport of soccer.

Rapinoe, who could earn more than $400,000 overall this year when combining salaries and bonuses, not even to mention the mega bucks in endorsements that will follow, vowed she will probably never sing the national anthem again.

How sad. To proclaim that you will never again show respect to the very hand that feeds you that generous salary.

It saddens me even more that respect is a dying virtue. It has become lost in the ways of this world, right along with so many other wholesome values.

I believe there is a time and a place for everything, even when it comes to voicing your own political thoughts. When you are wearing the uniform that represents the very country that grants you the right to do so IS NOT THE TIME.... just sayin’.

Many will disagree. And that’s OK.

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