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Dear Editor,

For those of you who do not speak Latin, let this country boy explain the term for you and the ridiculous claim by our brother Democrats. Quid Pro Quo essentially means “this for that.” In laymen terms, it means I will give you something in return for you giving me something. Take a step back and look at this from afar.

Before the monetary system, this was called trading. Democrats would have you believe this is not an everyday occurrence but that is flatly untrue as most of their bloviating. Think about this from a modern-day perspective. Politicians promise to do something to improve your life if you vote for them. This is Quid Pro Quo, but you would never hear these blather merchants admit such.  

Even amongst themselves, politicians daily commit Quid Pro Quo. If one has a bill on the floor coming up for a vote, they converse among themselves and state “if you vote for my bill, I will vocally support yours next cycle.” This is how things are done in the Swamp.  It is only when they go behind closed doors, do we need to worry.

How many of you actually follow a vote in the House or Senate? Exactly! You would not believe how often they say one thing in public but vote the opposite.  A lobbyist, activist group, special interest group or another politician has influenced their vote and it more than likely is not the way they represented themselves publicly.  In many cases it does not represent their constituents, rather their own self-interest.

Currently Democrats are accusing President Trump of Quid Pro Quo but we have unreputable evidence he ask for nothing; in fact, we have the Ambassador stating when asks what he wanted in return for aide to fight the Russians, President Trump answered, “I want nothing, I want the President of Ukraine to do as he promised during his election,” which was to fight corruption.

The only real Quid Pro Quo came from the mouth of Joe Biden when he told the Ukrainians he would hold back the Obama Administration aid if they did not fire the Attorney General investigating Joe’s son Hunter. Look it up on video, Joe is bragging he told the Ukrainians he would hold back aid. It’s late in life for Joe and he needs to ensure his son has a free ride in life because it is obvious Hunter cannot do for himself.  Remember Joe got his son a commission in the Navy when he was past the age limit and six months later Hunter was charged with drug usage, drugs were found in his house and he failed a drug test.  Rather than face a Court-Martial, as any other officer would have faced, the Vice President got him quietly removed from the Navy. The power of politicians is only limited by their ability to be reelected or the office they hold at the time.  We the People have the power to eliminate those unworthy of serving our nation but too often we are paying attention.