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Dear Editor,

I would like to provide some clarity for any possible misunderstanding that may have occurred from an article published in the Kingstree News on July 22 headlined “Face-to-face or Virtual”. The article was describing the challenges the Williamsburg County School District faces, as do others in South Carolina, relative to the plans for students to continue their education in consideration of the coronavirus pandemic. As a portion of the article was dealing with the challenge of providing Internet services for the students, it was stated, “The areas most lacking in service are Greeleyville, Hemingway, and Salters.”

As FTC provides a full suite of services in Greeleyville and Salters, to include Internet, I would like to point out there are zero (0) households and/or businesses in Greeleyville and three (3) in Salters that cannot get FTC Internet service.  I cannot speak to Hemingway as that is not part of the Farmers Telephone Cooperative service territory.  While the intent of the aforementioned point in the article may have been directed toward adoption of Internet service, I wanted to be sure that our members/customers know that Internet service is currently available in those areas.

To go a step further, FTC embarked on a $70 million fiber to the home project in 2019 to provide the best technology available to our members/customers.  This investment will equip our communities for generations to come.  Phase I of this project will take 5 years to complete, but Greeleyville and Salters are underway and are currently 90% and 60% complete, respectively.

The Internet becomes more important almost daily and we recognize it is essential for our customers to have access to the best technology available.  Fiber paves the way for current and future technologies at the highest available data speeds and the most reliable network design.

In Service to our Communities –