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Have you been staying home? Everybody has. Tired of cooking? Everybody is? Ordering takeout. Well yes!

Do you have a pizza night? For a while I had a pizza night. What could be better than picking up pizza and watching a late football game? That used to be my routine for a while. Sunday afternoon we would order a pizza and watch a football game. What a way to end the weekend. Have a pizza and watch the football game. It was fun on Monday morning too. Warm up that leftover pizza and you had a great breakfast that was easy to prepare. Throw in some chicken wings and have the perfect ending to the perfect day. Football and pizza what a combo!

Well now it seems that everyone is tired of cooking at home. A lot of my friends have become experts in ordering takeout. What could be better? Pizza operators have been delivering for a long time. They’ve got it down. With all the pressure to stay home and just order takeout, pizza operators are advertising more and more. Just today four different pizza vendors advertised on television. 

With all the talk of social distancing and such, a lot of the advertising talked about how nobody touched the pizza. Three of the pizza operators advertised how much they cooked the pizza. The pizza came out of a 500 degree oven and was sent to you. Another pizza was advertised to come out at 475 degrees and then delivered to you. Another pizza would come out at 450 degrees and then be put into a special oven in a special car and delivered to your house. I’m not sure what to make of the three different temperatures. 

The pizza can be delivered in cars or on the back of little mopeds. Everyone is happy to get a delivered pizza. It is always fun to get a pizza.

This seems like the perfect time for the pizza business. I had a friend that wanted to open a pizza business. He thought it would be the perfect business for him. He loved to eat pizza and his son loved to drive more than anything else on earth. He had it planned out. He and his wife would run the business. His wife would take orders, he and his daughter would cook the pizza and the son would be driving non stop. It was a perfect plan until his son got a DUI before they could started  the business.

Now might be a good time to start a new pizza business. Lots of people are home and want to order pizza that is delivered. Fuel is cheap and the cost of delivery is not prohibitive. 

Well, I’m headed to pick up my pizza for my regular pizza night. The only thing different is I have to watch an old football game but the pizza is still good.