For those of you interested, there are several good papers on ways to reduce stress during the COVID Pandemic. We all know stress is helped with good nutrition, sleep, exercise, and staying active. One way I stay active is by reading and keeping up with current events and trends. It has been interesting that many words beginning with the letter P like pandemic, police, protest, and politics consume national news presently.  So, one activity for this week is to pack as many words beginning with P in this column to demonstrate the prolific number of P words associated with past and present events of 2020.  I will persevere.

But first some pressing news. The Professional Women’s Organization had planned their second annual Awards Luncheon for May. Of course, it was postponed, until the fall, but not wanting to procrastinate any longer and because of projections of a pattern of more COVID Prognoses and the hope to protect professional women, the Organization predicts the event will be scheduled for Spring of 2021.  We will be prudent in keeping you informed of our progress and promise our event will be perfect and hope many of you will participate.

 Now on to the problematic Pandemic.  In 2019, had anyone prophesied that Americans would soon be wearing masks, closing churches, publicly posting where toilet paper could be procured, and  destroying hundred of acres of potatoes and other perishable foods because public schools and places to eat were closed to patrons, no one would have thought it possible.  Countless planned events were postponed or cancelled, and alcohol became the preferred pick-me-up.  Too many people packed on the pounds and students left the classroom for the zoom room. Social Distancing became the new phrase and it seemed that COVID would continue through perpetuity. The Government promised to pay Americans to keep the economy going and people felt powerless as they lost jobs and predicted the end of life as previously perceived. But as usual Americans pressed on and a new generation of pioneers have persevered.

 But change was not all positive and perhaps we should proceed with a conversation about the police and the protests. It appears that a peaceful existence in the Country would not be possible without the permanent placement of police in each city and state. No doubt there may be different perceptions of law enforcement, but only in a perfect world can people survive without paid employees patrolling and protecting a community. The Pillars of a society may promote a peaceful policy and plead for a harmonious platform, but it will only be popular with citizens who agree to follow lawful procedures. Other people with perverse views will not pledge to follow the law nor will they agree to be peacemakers. Therefore, funding the police should be a prerequisite for lawfulness and permanently placed in all local budgets. Perhaps soon the Mayors of Minneapolis, New York and others will profess the need to support the police.  On another topic, the first amendment gives permission for peaceful protests; but allowing destructive activities and promoting lawless predicaments is not perceived in a community as passive and peaceable. Local Leaders must practice precautions, be persistent, and promote positive perspectives to prevent additional damages in major cities. Philanthropic gifts may be needed to pursue preservation of national property. Communities must persevere.

On June 9th, I participated in the Salters Polling Station for the Primary Election. My fellow poll workers were polite, professional, and pleasant to be with for 12 long hours. In fact, it was my privilege to work with the Wilson Teens who were popular as well as personable.  The people voting were patient and polite while waiting to cast their ballots.  When political candidates came by, everyone was treated with kindness and respect. It would have been a perfect day had it not been for the pesky gnats and piercing heat.

The saying that all politics are local would be a preferred solution if more precincts in the Country were like Salters.  Unfortunately, National Politics are poisonous and are infecting the entire nation with a penalizing malaise.  There is no easy answer, but Patriots on both sides of the political divide could be the practical means to pray for and help preserve this Country. We must persevere to remain One Nation Under God.

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