Last week I sent the SgtMaj to the grocery store. On the list were potatoes; oh, the humble root vegetable. I would fail miserably at the Keto diet because potatoes are a mainstay in my house. My favorites are baby red and Yukon gold. I use them in everything from roasting to roasts. My second favorite is the white potato. I love them for potato salad and in layered baked dishes.

There is a ton of potatoes. One potato I don’t care too much for is the russet. It’s starchy and mealy and, well, you get the picture. Its only saving grace is it makes for a good baked potato – after you smother it in sour cream, cheese and everything imaginable.

I rarely peel my potatoes. The skins add a lot of vitamin C, have more potassium than a banana, and are just 110 calories.

If you live near the city you can probably find varieties that you never heard of. I would like to try vitelotte, a French variety purple potato or ratte, a small fingerling shape discovered in the Swiss Alps, it cooks up smooth and creamy with a nutty flavor.

Getting back to the grocery list. The SgtMaj is a pretty good shopper. In fact, he prefers I skip the trip entirely as the cost of groceries seems to quadruple when I’m in tow. So on this particular outing, the list included potatoes. No other description. Just simply potatoes. Since I’ve known this man for nearly 36 years, you’d think I would know that a Marine is trained to follow orders – or more precisely – specific orders. That’s where I went wrong. I am to blame that my wooden bowl on the kitchen counter is full of eight pounds of russets. The brown skinned free weights obliterate the baby yukons and reds. And the onions are hanging over the edge trying not to go overboard.

So I’m staring at this mountain of potatoes presented by my loving Marine and wondering how we will consume so many before they go bad. I look on the positive side. Potatoes are the No. 1 vegetable crop in the United States and the fourth most consumed crop in the world, behind rice, wheat and corn, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

So if the world considers potatoes, any and all, to be a mainstay on the table, how can I not love them? It’s hash browns for breakfast, potato au gratin for lunch and cream of potato soup for dinner. And I can always learn to make vodka. The best in the world is made with the humble root vegetable and it may dull the pain from eating all those carbs.

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