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Met with some of my hunting buddies the other week. They should be all excited about the upcoming hunting season. They have been distracted by the thought of the United States buying Greenland. These guys are usually gearing up for the season. To hear them tell it, they might be the greatest hunters since Buffalo Bill nearly eradicated the Bison from North America. Usually, they are telling tales of outshooting, out drinking, and outtalking the other great hunters that usually hunt with them.

Of course age has slowed them down a little bit. They always give you a hint that they really don’t hunt much anymore. “I don’t care about shooting a deer, I just want to hear the dogs run.”  You could translate that as being too lazy to get out of the truck. After elaborating on their hunting skill they switched to the new topic at hand.

Buying Greenland was going to be a godsend. It would be a new place to hunt and would be better than paying the high price of leasing land around here.

Imagine how refreshing that would be? They still drive around in a $50,000 pickup with a $3,000 gun but they balk at a $7 box of shells. Hunting in Greenland would be different.

One of the guys started figuring the cost of the new hunting in Greenland. Oh, Oh. $2,000 airfare and housing and eating costs put in an immediate block to this new found hunting paradise. Phytogeographically, Greenland belongs to the Arctic province of the Circumboreal Region of the Boreal Kingdom. (I copied that sentence and have no idea what it means.) Seems like this hunting trip to Greenland might be tougher than anyone imagined. Nobody really knows what kind of animals were in Greenland that could be hunted. There is musk ox in Greenland. Don’t know if these are farm animals or if they run wild and can be hunted. They couldn’t decide whether you sit in a tree stand or run dogs behind the oxen. One guy did know that the Greenland dog came from Siberia over 1,000 years ago. That was good to know.

After thoroughly discussing several scenarios, the talked switched back to hunting around here. With the high costs and all the travel maybe hunting in Greenland was a bit of a stretch.

We decided that all these problems wouldn’t be overcome before hunting season was over. Actually, the United States had not bought Greenland and there were a lot of unanswered questions. I suggested we just hang on to have it converted to a port after all the airplanes are banned.

Well, talk shifted back to the coming dove/deer season. There is so much to do. Get fields ready, put up deer stands and put out corn would consume lots of time in the next few weeks. After that, it would be hunting straight through till 2020. One guy is making plans to research hunting in Greenland even if the United States doesn’t buy it. He is trying to get a musk ox call but so far hasn’t had any luck finding one.