New Year’s Day resolution memes: There are a million of them. Most are funny so I decided to share a few. My favorite is “It’s that time to repeat that whole ‘New Year, New Me’ thing again.” This one is on point; “My News Year’s Resolution should be to stop kidding myself that I’ll make a lifestyle change this year.” We’ve all been there. I don’t know anybody that has ever said they accomplished their New Year’s resolution. I know I haven’t - ever.

Some amusing resolutions are about hope. This one might be said by a few of us. “When you feel a renewed sense of hope about the New Year but you also remember feeling this exact way on January 1, 2018.” Making 2019 the year we bring hope to this country that is in desperate need of it shouldn’t be hard.

In fact, there was a lot of hope expressed during the swearing-in ceremony for our first female supervisor, Dr. Tiffany Wright. The ceremony marked a historical moment for us but it also revealed a new vision for the county. I’m certain Dr. Wright will bring a fresh face as well as fresh ideas to the table but she’ll have to understand a few things.

She and council must work with a budget that is restricted to say the least.

An operating budget is certainly an animal of its own. No matter how you look at it, local governments are restrained by which they can use the taxpayers’ dollars. The good news is our former finance director did a good job, saving thousands by making simple policy changes and eliminating wasteful spending. His replacement should have no trouble following the measures he put in place.

In addition, Dr. Wright and her council, which now consists of three new and novice members, have been left with the precarious task of reworking agencies’ and municipalities’ priority lists that will benefit from the penny tax sales revenues. During the last meeting in December where council heard for the second time that there would have to be some “re-arranging” as you will, to meet the wishes of each, they will certainly face a dilemma.

The last meme that fits is, “The first rule of 2019 is not to dwell on what went wrong in 2018.” Let us wish Supervisor Wright much success in her goals to make Williamsburg County the vision she sees for us. And lets also keep in mind that we are all part of that vision and it is up to us to help her succeed.

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