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Dear Editor,

The assembled field of Democratic hopefuls for their party’s nomination to oppose Donald J. Trump for the Presidency in 2020 is pitiful. Listening to any of them clearly depicts why our educational system has failed. By their words, our universities and colleges must teach nothing but communist/socialist inspired social justice mandates.  Read any book regarding Communism and you will clearly see their platform is a microcosm of the very same ideas but more colorfully wrapped.  These are the best of the Democratic Party?  Wow!

 The puppets of the mainstream media all march goose stepping to the lore of communism and the same ideals the Bolsheviks promised the Russian people after their revolution and we all know how that ended.  Just ask any one of the twenty to give an example of a socialist state that has prospered and all you will get in return is a blank stare or a quick change of message.  Only the intellectually challenged and least educated truly believe this nonsense.

The first of their political platform proposals is “college for all.”  Take a serious look at this and ask yourself who pays for it.  They always answer the evil rich.  What is evil about being rich?  Professional athletes are rich, some beyond comprehension, but rich they are.  Every member of Congress is rich and not because of their contribution to society but because they have written laws to enhance their livelihoods through careful manipulation of legislation in their favor.

All this noise about Climate Change is nothing but political science, none based on factual data.  It is another means to tax and Democrats are fanatics about taxing those who work to support their families.  The earth has in fact been cooling for the past ten years but that does not stop the ridiculous left and their puppets.  

The 7th International Climate Change Conference by the Heartland Institute held last week in Chicago made the following statement after numerous scientists presented reams of data disputing Climate Change and Global Warming.  “Contrary to the self-interested political science you hear from government financed Global Warming Alarmist seeking to justify widely expanded regulatory and taxation powers for government bodies, or government wannabees, such as the United Nation.”  Read it for yourself at  

The constant attack on fossil fuels is nothing more than the left attempting to destroy the industry simply because they support conservative politicians.  The left declared war on the fossil fuel industries years ago and Climate Change is their modus operandi, their futile attempt to force the world into acting as they want the world to act.  Progressives and their string-pulling masters, all socialist, have one goal and that goal is to attain power by any means possible.

False promises, lies, misrepresentation, switch and bait are all methods used by the left to manipulate the unwary and unsophisticated.  Beware of false idols and those promising something for nothing, these are the manifestations of the power hungry, those seeking absolute control.  

Then we have the Green New Deal.  Have you seriously taken the time to read this fantasy?  Fourteen of the candidates have stated publicly they support the most ridiculous proposal ever to see the light of day.  When and How do we kill all the cows?  What is going to replace the airplanes we now fly around the world in?  Soon it will be mandatory to have solar panels on your home and at least two wind turbines on your property.  Your $50,000-dollar electric car will be ready for pickup by 2020.  Farmers, your electric tractors will be available by June 2020, just insure your $750,000-dollar check does not bounce at the bank.  

Finally, we come to the economy destroying Medicare for All straight from the lips of a self-styled socialist who failed at everything he attempted in life before becoming a politician.  Now he is an admitted millionaire accomplished in a capitalist society he wants to destroy.  Of course, as always, the evil rich will pay for it even though anyone with an IQ above plant life knows is impossible.  The cost, for the first ten years, is a measly $10,000,000,000,000,000 per year.  Wow!

We are being told this program, designed after the Canadian program, will insure healthcare for all Americans.  What they do not tell you are the problems with the program.  First, you will have a primary care provider.  You call with your government provided phone and make an appointment.  In five to eight days you receive your appointment date, 21 to 24 days later you will see your provider.  If you need an X-Ray, you will be sent an appointment with time and place, roughly 30 days later.  If you need an MRI, it will take at least 60 days to have it done.  Surgery of any type will require government bureaucrat’s approval and then you will go where they tell you to go.  No more lies about keeping your doctor and saving money.  Requiring surgery means you will be placed on a waiting list and following the Canadian model it will be 4 to 9 months before you receive surgery.

There are many more but I have worn myself out laughing.  Clearly these Democrats have nothing to offer but hundreds of new taxes and more claims of racism.  Once again, beware of politician promises.  The most dangerous person on this planet are those who think they have the right to tell us all how to live.