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We washed our hands and left Martha’s Vineyard behind. Now we were headed to Rhode Island and then hit the rest of the states to complete our journey. The point was to land in the states. There is an advantage to flying into the Northeastern part of the United States. The states are small and close together. (By close together I mean it doesn’t take long to fly across the breadth of RI as compared to flying across a state like Montana.) We land in Richmond RI and quickly take off headed for Danielson, Connecticut.  We made quick stops in those towns and landed in Sanford Maine.

The hard part of the trip was over. We originally had planned to spend the night in Maine and make a leisurely flight back home the next day. We were fueling the plane and Jamie says that we could be back in South Carolina at nine that night. Unanimous agreement rang out that we should keep flying and be home rather than spend the night in Maine.

Two more states to go. We headed out over the beautiful green countryside. One good thing about this part of the trip was cool air temperature. It was in the 70s and very low humidity. You can easily see why people head North in the sweltering heat of a South Carolina summer.

We landed in Vermont and New Hampshire and continued on. Jamie pointed out some ski areas. He said that he had driven up there in his younger snow skiing days. He also wondered as we did. Why would you drive so far to go snow skiing? The answer had to be because that is where the snow is. There are lots of things you do when you were younger and you wonder about them now. There are also things that you are doing now that you wonder why you didn’t do them while you were younger.

We had officially finished the trip. We had landed in the states I needed to complete my goal. Now we just had to get home. We plotted out a straight course for home. Now we discussed one failing of the trip. We had circled around some of the original colonies and didn’t do any research about our American history. We did talk about some of the rivers and larger cities like New York and Boston. We didn’t do too much other study about where we would be going.

We were headed toward a quick fuel stop in Pennsylvania and then back to South Carolina. The fuel stop was quick and we were headed home. Only one obstacle remained. The Washington DC area was in the way. That is the cause of lots of obstacles. Since 9/11 the Washington, DC area has very restrictive airspace all around. We headed home but had to adjust our course further West to stay out of restricted airspace. It was getting dark and you could see more and more blue lights flashing on the interstate highways around the Nation’s Capitol. I guess those people were in a hurry to go home also.

We kept heading south and passed by Greensboro, North Carolina and finally landed in Camden at 11 at night.

What a trip. John Paul had finished his requirements for his new pilot’s rating and I had completed my quest to fly into all 48 states. Jamie was wondering why he had driven up to Vermont to ski those many years ago.

A trip like that does leave you amazed and awed about this wonderful and beautiful country we live in. I reminds us that we should study and travel to enjoy all that is available to us.

If this is out there, think what else could be out there!