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It’s Jimmy Buffett time again. I try to go see his show any time that he is close by. I’ve been to Charleston, Charlotte, Atlanta and now Orange Beach, Alabama. Over the past 25 years we’ve gone to these towns multiple times. This is the first time we ever took such a long trip to see Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefers band.

Orange Beach is a long way but not as bad as you think. My son lives in Pensacola, Florida so we had a reason to go down there and visit plus the added benefit of going to the show.

Not everyone is a fan. One friend asked me about the length of the trip. I told them about visiting with family and getting to the show. “I don’t really like Jimmy Buffett.” I pointed out that I didn’t ask them to travel with us to the show.

The show was on a Tuesday night. The audience was mostly like us old geezers. Well, Jimmy is getting older. There is an advantage to have a bunch of old people in the audience. When he comes out to play all the old people keep sitting down. They are not jumping up and dancing. They just stay in their seats and enjoy.

Jimmy doesn’t jump around on stage quite as much as he did one time. He still puts on a good show. This year he had some new songs and he still sang all of the old favorites. He was up front with everything. He wrote the new songs to have some new albums to sell and to thank us (the fans) for helping him get a new boat. Can’t beat that good old capitalism.

After two hours of our old favorites, it was time to go. It was a wonderful concert. There was a slight hold up. It took a while for the crowd to clear out. I was following people that had new hips and new knees.

The stairs were a little bit of a problem. Twenty thousand people and lots of them were hobbling along. It took a while but everyone finally cleared out.

The drive out was interesting. Lots of the places that he sang about were right there. Perdido Bay, Mobile, Florabama and other dives and clubs were right on the highway.

It was an interesting trip to see where all his inspiration comes from. Most of his monologues were about the local area and the people that lived there. It doesn’t get much better.

A day later we were back in good old South Carolina. Now we are wondering if he will come to a venue closer to us next year. His concerts are just so much fun. It is fun outside and fun on the inside.

I have one friend that goes to about two of his concerts every year. He has the concert going down to a science. He goes to the party before the concert and tries to find tickets. If he doesn’t get tickets he just goes home when the concert starts. He usually gets in. Now he claims he doesn’t even worry about getting in. He just goes to the parties in the afternoon and doesn’t care if he goes to the concert.

He told me he isn’t worrying about Jimmy Buffett stopping touring any time soon. He claims Jimmy has been to North Carolina looking at a new boat. I guess we’ll have to pay for it next year.