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Dear Editor,

The ole saying says, it is not what’s on the outside it is what’s on the inside that counts. This statement could never be any truer than the Williamsburg Regional Hospital.  I have lived for the past twenty years in Georgetown but my life long Andrews friend Dr. Troy Gamble was practicing in Kingstree and he became my primary Dr..  I feel that Dr. Troy Gamble maybe the top in his field in America.

Recently, I was admitted into Williamsburg Regional Hospital to have gallbladder surgery and some other problems was discovered while I was there.  My surgeon was Dr. Azara, a young man that did an outstanding job with me and if you have not heard of him you will.  He is very good!

When you pass by and see the portable facilities, it doesn’t look like a hospital but when you enter the door everyone treats you like royalty. It is not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside that counts.  From the heads of the hospital to the janitors and nurses they are professional and you couldn’t ask for better.  And Rico and his staff in the kitchen serve some of the best tasting food that you will find in any hospital.

Several of the nurses emphasized that they were family and during my eight days stay I became part of that family. I will never forget these people.

Williamsburg County you have a jewel and everyone of you should be proud of what you have.  The new hospital will come and it will be beautiful but I pray what goes on in the inside will never change.