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Here we go! Seemed like yesterday was the start of the fourth quarter. This is the fastest time of the year. The fourth quarter is the last three months of the year. What a year it has been. Doesn’t matter what you accomplished or didn’t accomplish this year, time is going to really speed up. Of course, I’m talking about Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all piled in here at once.

It’s already started. I’ve seen Halloween five times. That doesn’t count Halloween H2O and several of the Revenge of Michael Myers and other variants of the Halloween movies. Forget about the Classic Killer movies that fill the airways. This week will be non-stop horror movies.

Christmas movies are played between the Hall Mark channel Thanksgiving and fall wonderland movies. Several radio stations have started their 24 hours of Christmas music.

Don’t forget that we have all the college football, Veterans Day and have to finish the World Series as well. This is all going to be crammed into about 65 days now. And just to make sure you think of everything, New Years is included in that. My birthday is also in December and I do want gifts.

You would think with all this to do, we could sometime slow down. A break would do everyone some good. It can’t be though. Just the other day I was in church and people couldn’t even slow down during the church service.

We had just gotten through singing a hymn and all the people sat down. In the pew in front of me, out came a few cell phones and the flipping through screens began.

I was lamenting seeing all this attention to phones in church. Some people tried to say that those people were reading the Bible on their phones. Good try but they were flipping through all sorts of pages and none of it looked like Bible passages to me. There was a lot of typing too. Maybe they were correcting their version of the Bible. Too bad they didn’t read the verse, Be Still and know that I am God.

I’m wondering where October went. I feel like November and December will be a blur. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just have a day off from phones, planners and thoughts of everything that has to be done in the next 60 days? Surely it won’t happen though. If you are sitting in church at 11:30 on Sunday morning, who is going to call you? Wonder why they didn’t leave that phone at home.

I hope to get a lot of presents soon though. With everybody playing on a phone with all the different ways to shop, I should really get some good stuff.

I’d rather you just take some time off and calm down. Taking it easy would be much better than trying to cram in non stop movies, shopping and all sorts of social gatherings.

If you are worried about what you could get me, I do have some suggestions. A wallet would be nice. Please get a brown one with $5,000 in it.