I am in a continuous search for a decent pillow. It’s amazing how something so simple in design can hold the key to a good night’s rest. My mattress is good-to-go but I bet I have spent a small fortune on space foam, memory foam, natural latex, cotton down, and natural feather pillows.

I’ve weighed in on soft-density, medium density and firm-density pillows to no avail. I’ve tussled with contoured and couture, Circle of Down, My Pillow (I have two in the closet) and the Wedge, which lasted a grand total of 15 seconds.

Every time I bring home another pillow the SgtMaj makes a big deal over it. “You have got to be kidding me?” he says with his hands facing above his head as if he is experiencing this for the first time. “We’re going to need to build a storage room for your pillows.” He’s such a comedian.

So what’s a head to do?  My current research has uncovered some new sweet-dream-inducing gizmos that I may have to tryout. There are the alternative pillows for the eco-responsible shopper. I wonder what a pillow filled with millet or even better, premium Buckwheat hull would feel like? Sounds interesting to say the least. The ad says Buckwheat hull pillows provide temperature control and they are springy under compression. The ad also says the material shifts to accommodate any head and neck size. But what happens if I turn on my side? Will I get a free facial in the process?

We have a gusseted pillow. That means it has side panels. I tried it but I believe it’s made for side sleepers and I am as flat-as-a-pancake sleeper. The truth is, it may not be the pillow at all. According to the SgtMaj, it’s more likely my head. He seems to believe it is so hard that it will never be happy, no matter what it comes in contact with. I beg to differ. I know there is a cranium cradle out there with my name on it. Do I see a bamboo cervical or siliconized microfiber infused pillow in my future? Only time and cash will tell.

But wait! An article I read just last week blows these options right off the mattress. According to a psychologist who specializes in sleep disorders, most pillows have a life span of about 18 months and memory foam lasts around three years. So there you go SgtMaj. The expert has spoken. It’s not in my head, it’s actually under it; but hey, that is subject to change.

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