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Dear Editor,

If you had the time to waste and watched the impeachment charade on Wednesday, you came away with a sincere sense of revulsion.  Our unfriendly, repugnant Democrat politicians continue their assault on President Trump and once again produced nothing.  Democrats continue the sham of impropriety simple because they hate the outsider who destroyed their Queen of Corruption.  Led by the arrogant and smug Adam Schiff, the party of the people put on a display of total disregard for the facts with hearsay and innuendo while perpetuating their false narrative. For what purpose?  

Democrats know their party has no policies of interest to the American middle class and must delay and stall the agenda of the president in hopes something will arise they may really sink their teeth into. This is the party of taxation and spend, the taking from one segment of our society and wasteful spending on the unproductive. Dependency on government and its behemoth bureaucracy is the bedrock of their existence. The Democratic Party as we once knew it is now the domain of socialist, communist, Maoist, Marxist and any other anti-American cults.  Once the party of the working class, their policy of inclusion has allowed the haters of our Constitution and our history a platform from which to attack every segment of our society, our core beliefs, and the very people they propose to champion.  

Giving Democrats the reins of power would lead to the destruction of our economy and eventually the destruction of our nation.  Just listening to their presidential candidates is an eye opener. If these are the best of the Democratic Party, the party is in serious need of a more moderate base.  Even their so called moderate is a beltway insider just as corrupt as their last hopeful.

It is important to listen carefully to the words of these bloviating, shallow people.

As politicians love to state “words have meaning,” their words reveal their inner truths they try so hard to hide.  In moments of revelation and enthusiasm for themselves, they expose their true beliefs and character flaws.  For example, when Barack Hussein Obama was asks where he would reside after his eight flawed years in the Whitehouse, his statement of “nearby in a bunker to coordinate the Resistance” should have set off alarm bells but no one seemed the least concerned.

Why a Resistance? Resisting the vote of the American people is un-American, unproductive and borders on treason. What we see today in Washington is a miscarriage justice, an outright attempt to deny the results of an election and contempt for those who voted for a significant return to conservative policies long proven to work for us all.

Naysayers are a dime a dozen. Results are what matter most and President Trump has the country headed back to greatness. What is there not to like?  Most   Americans do not condone his constant tweeting but he is under attack every minute of every day by subversive forces, evil control freaks and power-hungry Progressives whose ultimate goal is a subservient people dependent on their good will.  

America will not survive unless we all demand strict adherence to our Constitution.  Our greatest document gives us all the freedom and liberty to do with our lives as we see fit, not the whines of radicals or lackeys of some perverse ideology. Democrats need to revisit history and stop trying to make their own.