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It’s amazing how time flies. It is even more amazing the things that we remember as this time is flying by. Think about what you learned in school. You probably remember some obscure piece of trivia and kept it in your mind for many years. Some of the more practical things we should have learned are obliterated from our memory forever. The mind plays tricks on us all the time and still we remember some tiny moment in time forever even if it lies dormant in our mind for decades.

I recently saw a picture of a friend of mine from 1970. Wow, how could 50 years move by so quickly? I called my friend to comment on his picture and talk about playing football together so many years ago.

We discussed some of the things about being on a team and marveled that our friendship lasted so long. Like most people we knew that the time had slipped by with the usual things that create a lifetime. We had careers, families, built houses, and done all the usual things that come with living a life.

Then all of a sudden a story hit our minds. More than 50 years ago we were playing junior varsity football. We were going to a game on a bus. “Do you remember the girl on the pony?” Almost immediately my mind recalls the girl on the pony. We were riding in a bus on a two lane road somewhere out in the country. We couldn’t remember whom we were going to play, we couldn’t remember if we won the game or not. Nothing came to mind except 30 seconds and a glimpse of the girl sitting on a pony.

We were riding down the road and there was a girl sitting on a pony. She was just sitting there beside the road. She was on a pony with no saddle and only a bridle. She didn’t have on shoes. She was wearing jeans and her shirt was tied up and exposed a bare midriff. She had rather long hair and she sat there like a queen on an afternoon ride.

We were 30 15-year-old kids looking out the window. The coach was sitting at the front of the bus and he calls out “eyes front.” Of course we kept looking at the girl as we went past.

This entire pass was probably less than half a minute. No telling where this occurred and we never ever went by there again. It was just a chance passing of someone sitting by the side of the road.

What is still incredible about this story is how did we both remember something that happened so long ago? Well that is the mystery of the brain and how it stores and recalls the most little details of a life. We study things over and over and can’t remember a poem or math formula but the tiniest glimpse of a person stay with us years and years.

After all this reminiscing, we laughed about the old pictures and still marveled at the girl on the pony.