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Have you ever really gotten your money’s worth out of an item? Some items are easier to figure out than others. A firecracker that pops has done its job. It is the same with a shotgun shell. Fire it once and you can’t expect more than that. How about a clay pigeon that you missed? If you can pick it up and reuse it you are golden. Once you hit it, that’s your money’s worth.

Lot’s of things are just for one use. The way we think about them or the way they are used can make all the difference. A gallon of gas can run an engine for a while and then it is gone. That is one way to think of it. It could be a magic liquid that pushes our car down the road 20 miles to take us to exotic places. A gallon of gas could take us down river to a favorite fishing hole on a beautiful day creating memories that last us a lifetime. Creating memories or just accomplishing everyday chores could be getting our money’s worth out of something.

We hire people to do work for us. Sometimes you get your money’s worth and sometimes you don’t.

Actually we get whatever value there is out of something. I did know a guy that counted every penny of value he got out of something. He loved to tell about his struggles during the depression. He had bank notes from the 1920s and he would tell us tales of not being able to buy a stamp. His grandson would tell him he would borrow some money and buy something new. “That’s your trouble boy, you’ll get anything if you can get it on credit!”

One day he got a new refrigerator. It was quite a shock. His refrigerator was over twenty years old and he got a new one. That old refrigerator was still working and he couldn’t bear to part with it. He brought the refrigerator to his grandson’s barn and told us we could buy sodas at the grocery store and save money. We could stop running to the convenience store and stop spending money on a high priced soda. To prove a point he brought a six pack of Pepsis for that old refrigerator. It was a great idea but we kept forgetting to go to the grocery store. Every time I went buy the barn there were no drinks in the refrigerator. A trip to the grocery store took thirty minutes and you still had hot drinks. We always ended up going to the convenience store anyway.

The old refrigerator just used electricity for two years and then it quit. Well, I guess we finally ran out of money’s worth when that old frig finally died.

Thirty five years have passed since the old frig died. Grandpa passed away shortly thereafter. My friend was looking through some papers of his grandfathers and did come across the invoice for that old refrigerator. I told my friend he should have put the invoice in his granddad’s coffin. He said he did something better. He put a cigar and the old bank note from the 1920’s in his coat pocket. My friend said his granddad was proud of that paid off bank note. He always liked getting his money’s worth.