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Dear Editor,

  Daily we witness the incapable unwilling to do the business of the American people simply because they are too busy providing cover for the unlawful in our government.  Allow me to clue you in to the actions of professional liars.  When you have nothing to offer the American people but more of the same, you are a failure and your party is a disgrace.  Whenever Democrats accuse the other side of some unlawful act you can believe they are doing exactly what they claim the Republicans are doing.  Why all the false accusations and word murder by Democrats?  Protection of their own is a priority for Democrats.  

  The collusion was between the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton to have the Russian intervene with mud on Donald Trump.  When none was evident, they spun the verbiage into a document they assured their minions in the Department of Justice and FBI was indeed the absolute truth.  We now know they all lied.  The Democrats have soiled the most important agencies in our government because they were unwilling to accept the will of the American people in the 2016 election.

  The false claim of “cover up” is nothing more than additional lies to protect the Obama administration from accountability.  Documents currently available to the public have clearly indicated the Obama administration knew of Russian interference yet Mr. Obama did, once again, nothing.  The cover up is in fact by the Democrats.  

  The Democratic Party has long abandoned accountability as they shift from supporters of liberty and freedom to the party of socialist and government control.  Often, they speak of the Constitution but in reality, they despise our most sacred document because it does not allow them to enslave people to their vision of staunch government control.

  The evidence of party failure is as clear as the nose on your face if you simply look at the cities and states under the thumb of Democrats and research their fiscal irresponsibility.  In each and every case, Democrats have destroyed individual rights in their rush to socialism.  Their ever-increasing need for the tax payers money has led to the brink of financial ruin in every city and state as they drive the more affluent from their realm while coddling illegal aliens and every manner of perversion.  The homeless are rushing to their cities as they ignore the laws of our land.  Tent cities inundate their metropolis monstrosities as drugs prevail on their streets.  The only ones safe in these environments is the privileged political class.

  Have you asked yourself why Democrats hate President Trump?  He is not from the political class.  He does not perpetrate one lie to cover for another.  He does not want America to resemble Europe.  He wants to correct the failed policies of past presidents.  His agenda is the agenda of the American people, not some failed ideology.  He believes if given the chance, Americans will do for themselves and not rely on government handouts.