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Wow! Football season is over! Well, at least for me college football season is over. Over the past few years, I’ve lost interest in college football. There are just too many games to keep up with. Lots of my friends keep up with several teams and watch all the statistics. It can be too much.

I went to the Graduate School of Banking at LSU. I claimed that I kept up with LSU football. Baton Rouge is 700 miles away and I didn’t have to get into which was better, Clemson, USC, Citadel, UNC, NC State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, or ??? you get the idea. LSU was far enough away that I didn’t have to keep up too much.

Well, this year LSU is the number one ranked team. They were going to play Alabama the number two-ranked team. This was going to be the championship game. This would be my chance to see the championship game and not have to go through 100 more games and two months of football to decide who was the best.

I’ve got friends in Alabama and Louisiana. They take all this football seriously. I didn’t want to get all upset about a simple football game. My plan was to watch a little bit of the first quarter and then watch the end of the game. I’ve done that before. It works great. You don’t have to get all excited about one play and be agitated by one play.

I have to admit that it was an exciting game. There was a lot of action in the first quarter. I quit watching and tried to plan to come back for the end of the game. If you can do it right it makes for a wonderful experience.

I did get back for the end of the game. It was great. The game was essentially over and I didn’t have to be upset that things weren’t going my way.

Once the game was over, I knew that my season was over too. There wouldn’t be any discussion about conference champions, or players getting suspended for all the things they do wrong over Christmas holidays. Two months are saved without having to figure out how they decide who plays the games. The bowls will take up a lot of viewing time. I have already crowned my champion and I don’t have to watch any more games this year.

There is only the Super Bowl to watch and that is next year. I might even miss that game. There are other things to worry about now. If I could watch a Christmas movie and that would be it for the next month it would make for a happy December.

Some of my friends are mad about the game. They still have several weeks of games to be upset about. There are all the refs and stupid coaches that can ruin their Saturdays. I remind them to chill out. Football is just a game that little boys can play. What’s the big deal?

Turns out that some of these games are more important than life itself. Luckily, I can be calm. My team won.