Got my eyebrows waxed. It was a first. Never in my wildest dreams would I have considered doing that; until I fell for the idea that polished brows would make me look younger.

Should we age gracefully?

There are all kinds of antidotes for wearing makeup as we age. I’ve read that wearing makeup in my later years boosts my physical appearance but also makes me feel better emotionally and mentally. However, that seems to be in the eye of the beholder. According to a study, men perceive women who wear makeup to be more prestigious, while women perceive other women who wear makeup to be more dominate and also more promiscuous. Researchers at Scotland’s University of Stirling conducted the study. That was interesting but I can understand it. We women like to check each other out, down to the lipstick.

What price vanity?

I almost shaved my face. This grievous act nearly occurred during a 4 a.m. infomercial that almost convinced me I could get a perfectly flawless look if I purchased the latest exfoliating facial treatment. I am cursed with the dreaded peach fuzz from ear to ear and cheek to jowl so I was glued to the TV. The beautiful unblemished-faced ladies pushing the product also assured me that if I shave my face it will not grow back thicker. “That’s an old wives tale,” they repeated over and over again.

I was sold - well, almost. Why spend that kind of money on a specialty tool when I have a razor in my bathroom? I ran to the sink, grabbed the razor and stood there - staring into the lighted 1000X-magnifying mirror. Suddenly, something in the deepest recesses of my mind awoke (most likely common sense) and zapped me back into reality. I proceeded to change the channel to “Deadly Women,” a show that has so much more substance.

    Fake is in

I recently inquired about false eyelashes, that seems to be a big deal nowadays. It seems the bigger, longer and fluffier, the better. Some say false eyelashes open up your eyes and add an overdose of drama. I agree, as long as they don’t black out the sun. A video on social media captured a woman with huge thick eyelashes riding on a boat. The way those things were flapping up and down, it’s a wonder she didn’t take off.

My mom’s best friend was a high-class lady from Atlanta. In the 1960’s she was the wife of a tycoon and dressed to the nines on a daily basis. She also wore false eyelashes like they were her own. Twenty years later she was forced to wear them because all of hers had fallen out. Her plight (and when I found out I couldn’t wash my eyes with soap and water), made me come to my senses.

I am certain, as with every trend, this too shall come to pass. Just look at Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. She lacked eyelashes, and if you look twice, no eyebrows either. Such surreal features painted (or not) on one of the most beautiful Renaissance portraits ever created gives us puny-lash ladies hope that Mona’s fashion statement will return. In the meantime I’ll depend on photo editing.

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