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You ever fall down a rabbit hole? I see people do it all the time. Mostly, it is a phone that gets someone distracted. They will start looking at their phone and won’t look up for an hour. One of my friends calls it falling into your phone. I ask people all the time what is on that phone?

Sometimes you get distracted on every day things. Admit it. You’ve done something like go into a room to look for your glasses. You see some mail and pick it up. Then you think that you need to get your checkbook. You look in another room. Something else distracts you and you realize that you set out to find your glasses. You’ve been wearing your glasses the whole time.

It happens to just about everyone. I’ve looked into the refrigerator for a wrench before. I try not to get distracted. Usually, it is television that catches me. All of a sudden I realize that I’ve been watching some crime shows for three hours. It makes me furious too. Three hours blown on some crime shows. It is easy to do. They hook you with some crime and by the end of 30 minutes; they’ve analyzed all sorts of evidence and put someone in jail. The next thing you know you’ve watched six of these shows.

A few weekends ago I fell into a different kind of rabbit hole. One of my friends watches YouTube videos all the time. If he needs to do something he watches a video to learn how to do it. Sounds like a nice idea.

I got a new toolbox. I was going to change something on the box. It involved welding aluminum. My welding friend passed away several years ago. He could weld anything. He had all sorts of welders. Tig, Mig, Wire welders and grinders, presses and all things welding related. Unfortunately, that was not going to be an option. I called my YouTube friend. Did he know of someone that could help me? Immediately, he told me to look up this YouTube video about doing something different. It would be accomplish the same thing and would not require welding.

It started. The first video didn’t quite accomplish what I wanted. A similar video was about the same thing. After watching a few videos, I was back at a welding video. Don’t know what happened next, I was watching a video about building a trailer to hold welders and tools. Well, that’s pretty interesting. After several of these videos, I was watching a guy build his own camper trailer. That was interesting too, and he was welding. Before I knew it, a guy with a homemade trailer was camping in Alaska.

I’ve been to 49 states. Alaska is the only state I haven’t visited. After a few of those videos, I was watching a woman showing off her travel trailer. Finally, I had watched an hour of a guy building a cabin on the back of his pick up truck. My wife asked if I was going to go directly to Alaska or was I going to trying camping in warmer climes first?

She said that it was okay if I wanted to build some type of camper but she wasn’t going to travel in it.

Then I realized that almost five hours had slipped by. Now I’m really mad. Five hours gone and I’m not sure what I had originally wanted to do with my toolbox.

Now I’m starting over on my project. This time I’m going to try and draw out my idea and take the toolbox to the welding shop. I’ll let him watch a video if he has a different idea.