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Dear Editor,

In the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, we have all seen the devastation the Bahamas incurred. And of course, the humanitarian response has been tremendous and on-going. However leave it to the President of the United States to behave as “small and ignorant as possible.” Donald Trump made comments during the evacuation of the survivors that there were “some very bad people in the Bahamas, and he did not want those very bad people coming to the United States.” Hold that though America. This statement came after the President invited the Taliban to the United States for a not-so secret meeting. You know the Taliban, that group of people that sponsors terrorists group like Al Queida and protected Osama bin Laden. The same people that were responsible for 9/11, the worst disaster and lost life on American soil! In Donald Trump’s mind, he justifies bringing known mass murderers to the United States, but keeps those people in need out of the country based on nothing except his own racist views and attitudes! Dumb, Dee, Dumb, Dumb Donald! The END

Stay Tune for more “Dumb Donald” episodes!!


Cyrus Brockington