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Dear Editor,

Here it comes, Democrats, who have ignored sensible legislation at the state level in order to maintain power, are now calling on the American taxpayers to bailout their failing policies.  Really, all blue state governors want red state residents to bail them out.  Crazy!  The current resolution passed by a Democratic controlled House of Representatives, led by the unpleasant and insane Nancy Pelosi, included a bailout of “major metropolitan centers” to the tune of 375 billion dollars.  Where are all the major metropolitan centers, in blue states, run by left wing fruit loop governors incapable of balancing a budget and promising anything to stay in office.  

The resolution put forward by the ever-invective Fancy Nancy Pelosi should be about protecting American jobs and economic stimulus, but that is not the case with the California politician.  Ms. Pelosi has decided this is the perfect time to put forward a left wing wish list of touchy feels good senseless waste of taxpayer monies.  She is forever going on about the Constitution and how she is a Constitutional warrior but the truth is she violates the Constitution on a daily basis.

Payouts to illegal aliens is un-Constitutional, providing housing to illegal aliens is un-Constitutional, free education for illegal aliens is un-Constitutional, appropriating welfare, Snap benefits and Medicare to illegal aliens is un-Constitutional.  Ms. Pelosi is a scabrous liar, a disgusting partisan intent on hurting the American people through manipulation of taxpayer monies to her side of the aisle and her party.  You did not vote for their presidential candidate, Crooked Hillary and now we must pay.

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.”  Socrates