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Dear Editor,

As I have stated for twelve years, the Democratic Party of your parents and grandparents is no more.  Power-hungry elitists of the left known as socialists devoured the party from within.  These dreamers of the left have convinced themselves their social justice endeavors will only occur if they institute the ideals of the more sincere.  This is to state, those whose agenda is to rob those who work in order to lift up those who think the government should pay for their unwillingness to do for themselves.  Of course, these Robin Hoods intend to tax the rich into non-existence, tax the middle class into the lower class while rewarding those who support their mandates.  Meanwhile, the socialists with the more delectable agendas will be allowed to eat high off the hog while everyone else curries favor from them.  

The frantic youth of our nation have no idea what they are supporting nor do they care as long as they get what they want.  They have not researched the history of socialism, they have never heard a detrimental remark about socialism, only the benefits of someone else paying for their desires.  These are not deep thinkers, rather the shallowest among us.  This “sharing” they have been

Please turn to DEMS, 11

 brainwashed into believing is a fantasy sowed by those seeking power.  This confirms our educational system is a joke because we no longer educate, we indoctrinate.

The current pied piper, Bernie Sanders, heads the platform of socialism and our youth know nothing about this loudspeaker of rose petals and free, free, free.  Mr. Sanders himself has not provided one item of proof of the cost of his giveaway programs.  His proposals are astounding and luring but his math is askew.  He seems content with taking 80% of what you and I make to squander on those unwilling to do for themselves. Beware of the apple.  

Some additional information for the knowledge starved is provided for consummation by these neophytes.  Bernie has never had a paying job; he has never earned a living.  At the age of 39 he ran for mayor of a small town, population 72, and has been living at the taxpayers’ expense ever since.  His home state, Vermont, has a population of 627,039.  He honeymooned in Russia.  That should send alarm bells going off in your head. Democrats are forever going on about Russia, Russia, Russia, yet they let this avowed socialist to run for president?

Before you step off the deep end of the pool, do some research and you will find Bernie is in fact a wolf in sheep’s clothing.