I like to believe what I want to believe. Sometimes it’s hard to accept the facts and change my mind. That’s life, isn’t it? Don’t worry; I’m not going to write about the current political situation. That can be debated elsewhere. This is about chocolate. Yes, the one subject I never tire of.

I read about a 116-year-old Italian woman who recently passed away.  When those lucky few reach 100, people like to ask them what led to their longevity. Some say they drank beer every day, some attribute it to eating healthy and some say it was the Grace of God.

The Italian centurion, on the other hand, credited her long life to eating chocolate every single day. A woman after my own heart, but she isn’t the only one touting the benefits of the creamy confection. Another European who just happens to be 116 backs this claim. She also said abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes contributed to her long life. But I’m going to stick with the notion that chocolate did the trick.

While researching the relation between chocolate and age I came cross how to calculate your age by chocolate. It’s a mathematical puzzle and needs a calculator so I won’t go into it but you can Google it. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t very good at math but I have yet to understand the point of the puzzle.

I like to experiment with flavors and types of premium chocolate. It’s a hit and miss affair. I’ve savored melted pieces of Godiva chocolate in my coffee and thrown $10 bars in the trash after a single nibble.

The trend towards craft chocolate is on the rise. Companies are infusing their brand with additional flavors and ingredients. Salt, hot chilies and turmeric come to mind. I don’t think turmeric, for example, offers many health benefits, considering the trace amount but it makes for an epicurean venture.

I will continue to believe in the positive benefits of consuming the delicious treat, plain or supplemented with flavorful goodies. And I’m not alone. In 2018, the U.S. shucked out $18 billion for overall chocolate confectionery products. And the forecast is a 14% gain the sales through 2022.

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