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Wow, just finished watching two championship games. There is nothing but reruns of old games. It is fun to watch some old games. If your team won a championship it is fun to watch it again. About 30 years ago I was a real basketball fan. I would go see the Charlotte Hornets play. What fun! Shaq, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Karl Malone and all sorts of great teams would come to Charlotte and give the Hornets a great game. Wow, all this and it was right here.

Now we get the chance to watch some of those games again. That is good and bad. Sometimes you have to watch some losing games also. However, an afternoon of watching football and basketball championships can be fun. It is special when you can watch a game that you remember the game and you saw it live. It makes it less stressful when you don’t have to be agitated about the outcome.

I bet you watch things over and over. Have you ever watched a movie over and over? Sure you have. You’ll watch a favorite movie over and over.

I worked with some guys one time that always ate lunch in the conference room. There was a tape player in that room. We would bring in lunch and watch a movie. About once a week we would watch a basketball game. The tape was a championship game. The unfortunate thing was my team lost. It wasn’t too bad. I knew that my team was going to lose. I would finish my lunch and then leave before the game was over. Watch a good game, see good basketball and not have to see your team lose. Easy as pie.

Now these repeated games are just about the same thing. If a game comes on, I try to remember if my team won and then decide if I need to watch the game or not. No need to watch a losing game. No need to be upset about a game that happened 30 years ago. Sports are fun but that is the key, it should be fun.

Now I’ve watched a bunch of Super Bowls and NBA Championships. All these games were easy to win. I didn’t have to stress out about a close game.

Super Bowls are easy. It is just one game and the championship is decided. Basketball can be a little tougher. The NBA plays a best of seven series. You can watch several games before the championship is decided. That has some good and bad consequences as well. You want to watch your team win.

This weekend I was going to watch my favorite team win the NBA Championship. It was a game in the middle of the series and my team eventually won the championship. I spent most of the afternoon watching great basketball. Hall of Fame players put on a great show. The lead went back and forth. I watched two hours of good basketball but then it happened. After spending all afternoon watching the game I realized that I was watching the only game my team lost in the series.

That’s what happens when you try to remember things that happened 30 years ago. Your memory mixes things up.

A lot of my friends that I played sports with remember being better players back then than they actually were. I might start remembering things with better outcomes and I don’t plan to remember any of the games we lost.