“I’ve gained three pounds since Thanksgiving,” I said to the SgtMaj as I reached for another morsel of dark chocolate. Why is it so many of us can’t stay on course with healthy eating and exercise? Why is it so hard to avoid bad stuff but so easy to down a cheeseburger or a dozen mini Milky Ways?

A study suggests the average person gains six pounds during the holidays. That’s understandable since we’re bombarded with fantastic confections and fit-for-a-king fatty foods we don’t necessarily enjoy any other time of the year. Scientists say we need a support system of friends and family to help us be successful in losing weight, that doesn’t work for me. I eat too many strange things - healthy but strange - just too much of them. So the answer is - cut back. Isn’t that the secret to losing weight? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

The Mayo Clinic offers some insight into awesome bods. Those smart guys say although our metabolism (process by which our body converts what we eat and drink into energy) influences our body’s basic energy needs, how much we eat and drink along with how much physical activity we get are the things that ultimately determine our weight. Dog-gone-it. That means I can’t blame my age, thus my slowing metabolism (which unfortunately I always believed was the case but rarely is) for my weight gain.

You ever wonder why skinny people seem to eat anything and never get fat? I do. According to diet experts, in some way or other they are balancing their intake and output. I bet any registered dietician will say “non-overweight” people limit high-fat and sugary foods. And then there’s the “moving the body parts” thing. Just getting that heart rate up can make a world of difference. At my age, putting on pantyhose works miracles.

But seriously, the recommended goal, across the board, is to spend 30 minutes a day partaking in physical activity. When I’m on a health-kick roll (which isn’t as often as it should be), I do simple things that add up, like get up from my desk every hour and take a brisk walk, or, if the weather isn’t cooperating, march in place. The secret to getting anything out of your activity is to know your resting heart rate and work toward nearly doubling it while working out. I know I am wasting my time if I’m strolling.

Our office staff has plans to workout with personal trainer Mr. C. I’m all for group workouts. They make us try harder since we’re in a group and don’t want to look stupid. At the same time, rumor is Mr. C. is a cold-hearted beast posing in gym shorts, ready to wear out every muscle in your body in order to make you the lean glorious machine you imagine yourself to be when it’s over. Spoiler alert - it’s never over.

Getting back to the metabolism thing - Mayo Clinic says some people who are said to have a fast metabolism are probably just more active — and maybe fidget more — than others. Fidget, you say? Sounds like I need to up my fidget activity. Well, well, well, please pass me that bag of BitOHoney and I’ll show you fidget.

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