Bobby pic

My friend Billy Holden has a 1957 Chevrolet. As you would expect, Billy is a really cool guy. Air Force veteran, pilot, car collector and now retired plus he has all the stories that go with it. He likes to tell the story of working the late shift at a plant. He didn’t like it too much so when he got off of work at 7:00 in the morning he went to see the Air Force recruiter. The recruiter told him to come the next day. Twenty-four hours later he is at Lackland Air force base in Texas with people yelling at him. He did serve overseas in Turkey also.

He is a long time pilot and owned the same airplane for 29 years. Ten years ago he bought his 1957 Chevrolet. He and his wife Grace take it to car shows and take weekend rides in it.

The Chevrolet is the Model 210. It has a V-8 engine. Billy was recently in Greeleyville. This caused quite a stir. Several people drove by and asked the same question. Is that the 283 cubic inch engine? This particular car was manufactured in Atlanta, Georgia and was the 12,298th manufactured. Chevrolet produced 260,401 of these cars.  The factory price was $2,274.00.

Traveling in a car like this shows that you rule the road; kings and queens step aside. The car has a pristine exterior and interior. Billy’s grandson is amazed with all the room in the car and is surprised by the 4x60 air conditioner. You know what that is. Roll down 4 windows and drive 60 mph. That will cool you down. Another interesting feature of the car is that it never sees a gas station it doesn’t like. At eight miles per gallon, it likes to stop at every gas station.

The car only has 74,000 miles on it and looks show room new. I asked why he wanted a 57 Chevy. I thought he would have an interesting story about his family having one or he got one in high school or some giant road trip he took.

He had a surprise answer for that too. He said the only reason he bought the car was it was a classic. It was also the only car he could finance for 20 years.

Well, only 10 more years of payments and it will be his. Back to his visit to Greeleyville, the car was being photographed for an advertisement. A car like this shows the value of well-maintained vehicles that stand the test of time. More than three people drove by and wanted a ride or just buy it outright on the spot.

Billy later told me that he wasn’t surprised that the people coming by preferred his car over the others parked on the street. He mentioned that this happened all the time. He also said it was okay if I was jealous over the attention brought by has car. I told him I wasn’t jealous; well okay maybe I was just a little jealous.