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Dear Editor,

A few weeks ago, a discovery was made near Brown’s Ferry in Georgetown County. My father found an Atlantic Sturgeon in the edge of the water of Black River! SCDNR came to observe and take the Sturgeon so they could record data for this threatened fish. As the largest living fish in freshwater on the entire Atlantic Coast, half of this species of fish came from South Carolina and Winyah Bay during the mid-70’s. According to DNR, obstructed access to their habitats on the Waccamaw-Pee Dee, Santee-Cooper and Savannah basins in South Carolina have impacted the migrations of the Atlantic Sturgeon making it one of the most threatened and endangered species of fish in our generation.

In fact, most Sturgeon species are considered to be at risk of extinction making them critically endangered more than any other group of species. Atlantic Sturgeon can live up to 150 years and are particularly vulnerable to pollution, habitat loss and water degradation. They feed on the bottom of our backyard rivers and spawn every spring in our freshwater rivers. As one of the TOP TEN most interesting animals to have lived longer than humans, the Atlantic Sturgeon relies on good food quality and suffers very quickly from malnutrition.

With that being said, shouldn’t we do everything we can to save the Atlantic Sturgeon? Why would DHEC or any government body allow a huge Limestone Mine to come in and very possibly destroy this important habitat for this endangered species of fish?  This is one of the many damaging consequences we could face if this massive Mine comes to Williamsburg County. It must be stopped!